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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Neutrogena  Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Neutrogena Ultra sheer Dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Hello Darlings ,

The Sun is blazing down without any mercy in Delhi and all I want to do is to remain closeted in my 

home sipping Aam Panna (a tangy cooling summer mango drink ) or a tall glass of Thandai (a sweet

cooling  milk and almond based  drink ).

But work is work so one needs to brave the heat and venture out .So the most indispensable 

summer on-the-go  friends for me are my umbrella ,cool shades , a  good sunscreen and a bottle of 

water .

I bought this sunscreen as I was looking for a sunscreen which could stand swimming in chlorinated 

water and also suit my skin , that is not cause any break outs .My search ended with Neutrogena 

 Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Neutrogena Ultra sheer Dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Availability—I got it from a Drug store , you can
also get it from  online shopping sites like  Flipcart--here.

What Neutrogena claims- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry touch sunblock SPF 50+(PA+++) is a 

breakthrough in sun protection .Stabilized with Helicoplex ,it proved superior balanced broad 

spectrum protection against skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays and combines it with Dry 

touch technology for an ultra- light ,non shiny finish .This lightweight sun-block has a light fresh 

scent and is gentle enough for even sensitive skin .

Packaging - It comes in two packagings –a 30 ml pack and a 88 ml  pack priced at  Rs 150 and  Rs 499  respectively.

It comes in a what plastic tube with a blue twist-out cap .The cap secures well to avoid any spillage .

Ingredients---can be seen in the picture below 

The Plastic tube of the Sunblock 

·      Directions for use—Apply liberally on body 15 - 30 minutes before sun exposures.Re-apply 

     frequently to maintain protection ,especially after sweating , swimming , towel drying or

      extended  sun exposure .

The Product— It is a thick white cream which is  easy to spread  .Has a faint flowery smell 

which I can't quite place . After applying , it feels just a bit greasy maybe because it is sweat 

proof and waterproof , but it does not give the face that whitish ghostly casts which some

sunscreens give on application  rather it gives my skin a dewy - glowy finish .

Neutrogena Ultra sheer Dry touch Sunblock 

Coming to the efficiency , I applied it and after about four hours the skin starts looking a bit dull 

probably because of the greasiness .I get sunburned and tanned easily and I could see that this 

sunscreen was definitely helping me with that .

I did not break out (get acne) after usage even though it feels slightly greasy after a few hours .

All blended well and a dewy ,moisturized finish !!!

To summarize , the PROS are

1. Waterproof , sweatproof and resist rub off (as it claims)

2. Non -comedogenic  (won't clog pores )

3.  PABA free 

4.  Pocket friendly packing and Price   :)

5. SPF 50+  so no need to apply before 3 hours .

6. Sunblock protects against UVA and UVB both .

7. Dewy finish , no whitish casts on skin .


1. Slightly greasy feel is the only drawback that I can think off ,so probably will suit girls with dry or 

    normal   skin more .Not that it causes acne just that the skin looks oilier  after a few hours of use .

Rating ---4  / 5   .

So final verdict is that this is an efficient product that is non comedogenic and is transfer resistant , 

so even if you drip sweat or wipe your face  you still are protected by your suncreen against ageing , 

sunburns and dark spots .

Which is your favorite sunscreen ?

Coming up another sunscreen review soon ...


  1. Thatz an amazing product.....!! :)

    1. Yes ,it is for swimmers and people who sweat a lot .

  2. Preeti nice review dear...and yeah this is my all time favorite product.........