Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lotus herbals safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

Hello once again dearies ,

                             As promised I am back with another sunscreen review .Without adding any drama I shall proceed to the matter at hand .Today I shall be reviewing  Lotus herbals safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 .

The Tube from the front

Price --Rs 295 /- for  50 gms pack .It is easily available at drug stores , cosmetics counters and online .

What Lotus Herbals says --A gel based sunscreen that’s so light that it almost vanishes from your skin and leaves a never before matte feel. Especially for oily skin. 

Active Ingredients -- Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale)  , Sebum Control Vanilla (Vanila Plamifolia)  , Soothing Horse Chestnut (Trapa Bispinosa) , UV Protector

The back of the tube 

The Packaging --It comes in an orange flip top tube and it is easy to dispense the product in the required quantity .The seal is tight so it is  travel friendly .

How to use --To be applied about twenty minutes before stepping out in the sun on all exposed body parts .To be reapplied after two hours .

The product--It is a milky looking gel .Absorbs fast and feels completely non sticky .The sun protection and anti- tan protection provided is very good .Has a balm like soothing property on application .

The gel on application


1. Ultra soothing ,skin feels moisturized and supple .

2. Matte look  ,does not make the face oily .

3. Oil controlling , Over the period of wear  it also avoids the skin from getting greasy which was    a major concern with some other sunscreens .

4. Gel based sunscreen ,since it is not creamy , it does not leave  a painted surface behind . It    absorbs very fast in a few gentle strokes .Nobody can guess that you are wearing sunscreen !

5. Good  two  hours  plus of sun protection after which you need to re-apply .

6. Travel and pocket friendly .

After blending completely


1. The only con can be that it is not waterproof so sweating will reduce the efficacy of sun  protection .

The Final Verdict -- I would rate it a  4.5 / 5 .

To summarize  , it is a great sunscreen for all skin types .It protects , soothes . mattifies and controls oil  .That is a multifunctioning product for you at the price of one product !!!


  1. Nice review. I have used this product regularly.

    1. Thanks Rakhi ,it is now a regular in my skin care regimen too .

  2. Nice product Preeti but very expensive :)

    1. Yes Arun , it is expensive but when you compare it to other products it is relatively cheap and effective .

  3. nice review..this is a really good product..making this for buying it

  4. I am on my 3rd works good on my skin

  5. Yes I like it better than the matte look range .