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Movie Review -- KICK ( Your mind does not get it but your Heart does )

Hi Friends ! FIFA  fever is gone but a new one has "KICK -ed " in . Read on to see how many Goals this " Kick " scored ... Every Eid , Salman khan gifts his Fans a full Paisa - Vasool entertainment bonanza  so we all wait for Eid with baited breath .But this year I was a tad bit disappointed as other movie reviews said that this was one of Salman's better scripted movies  but I beg to disagree . First of all , about the  title "KICK ", it  stands for the " Adrenaline rush " and not the usual soccer kick .So a good 15 minutes are spent in telling us what is the real meaning of  "KICK " here and visuals shown to that effect . Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan ) is an adrenal junkie and has changed 32 jobs just to get "Kicks " ! He has an equally Kicked- up Family in his Mother (Archana Puran Singh ) and Father (Mithun Chakraborty) .Both in memorable cameos . Midway through the film, the excitement seeking D


Hi Friends ! Today I am going to review a smartphone from  a company which has sold more than one million units  in just 5 months through exclusive tie-up with Flipcart . Any guesses ??? It is the   Smartphone from Motorola and today I will be reviewing  The   MOTO  E smartphone . Motorola is now placed in the top-five smartphone vendors in India thanks to the brisk sale of these phones . What MOTOROLA claims The Packaging                                             Inside the packagaing  Made to last , Priced for all.The sharpest display in its class . Built to last .Protected with corning @ gorilla@Glass and  awater resistant splash guard .Dont let the fear of everyday scratches and splashes stand in your way . Power to last .with along lasting 1980 mAH battery you can go all day without plugging in . Software to last . Moto E runs andrioid 4.4 kitkat , the lasts version of the world’s most popular mobile platform , And with aguranteed upgrade y

Movie Review ---The Dawn of the Planet of Apes

    Hello Friends !                              I had promised my daughter long back back that I shall be watching a movie with her .Intially  she wanted us to watch   " Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania " but  I never was a fan of D.D.L.J. and neither of Varun Dhawan's  Loafer- hero style , so I gave her the option to watch a Sci-Fi movie instead and we settled on watching " The Dawn of the Planet of Apes ". This movie tugged at my heart strings I know most of you must be laughing that I went to see a Chimp movie. But believe you me ,this movie tugged at my heart strings ( that part is not easy ). The plot started with the world being in the middle of a serious Simian (monkey ) flu and people falling dead all over the world .In a American laboratory (where else can geniuses be born )experiments on monkeys provide them immunity to the flu at the same time making them super -chimps or Apes .They can speak English ,build houses ,create armies even use

There is something in this Air

When I read about the “Inspire that fragrance “ contest by   Godrej aer , I was transported back into  time about 12 years back . Eleven years , eleven months ,11 days and a few hours ... to be exact . It was the second day of my stay  in Manali (Himachal Pradesh ) , on our  honeymoon .We had arrived the day before by a tiring overnight bus ride .I had been sick throughout the journey .So after reaching our  hotel room ,me and my freshly minted Hubby  just wanted to freshen up and  rest and...some more  rest . Coming back to the day I was reminiscing about .After a  night of much needed rest ,I woke up in the morning and was spellbound .It was  the glorious sight of snow covered Himalayan peaks bathing in the morning sun  visible from the French windows of our balcony .What a sight  to behold ! Out to explore Manali ,we did the ususal rounds that all tourists do,the Hidimba temple ,the Rohtang pass,the shopping at the Mall road and stuff that all tourists do in Mana

Matrix Biolage scalptherapie Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Hello dear Friends ! I was just humming the Shaggy song " In the summertime when the weather is high ..." Summer is fun too but can bring along a plethora of  problems . For instance HAIRFALL !!!! ITCHY SCALP !!! SOS!!! Hairfall can be caused by scalp infections and the best way to control them is to use a medicated shampoo which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties . But most of the popular Anti-dandruff brands were making my hair brittle and unmanageable (as if humidity itself was not enough of the spoiler !)                                       Then I discovered a much touted shampoo from my Hair Stylist .He recommended " The Matrix Biolage scalptherapie Anti Dandruff Shampoo " to be used twice daily . So did it help my tresses or did it fall flat on the tall claims ??? Read on to find out Price --   Rs 195/- for 200 ml .this one bottle lasts me a month . Availability --It is available at all leading Hair Salons and als

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in SHOCKING PINK

Hello my sweet Daisies , All this time I was mostly into browns and maroons but the fashion world has been overtaken by bright and bold colours this season and I was also tempted to give it a try for once .So I got this bright pink Lip gloss from M.U.A .(Make Up Academy ) U.K. The MUA Out there Plumping Lip Gloss Read on to see how this new addition fared on my rate-o-meter ...

L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine ICY GEL

Hello my Sweeties Well going by the weather , “ Sweaties “ should be the address ! Do you know that you need to keep your skin hydrated even  in  summers  and  monsoons  ?   Yes   we all know that .Initially I thought that I could skip the moisturiser in summers and monsoons but  my  skin became dry and stretchy after  sitting in the AC most of the time .So I started using a moisturiser .Since my skin is oily I started using oil free moisturiser .But to my dismay after a few hours my skin started looking shiny and sweaty .I had to constantly put on face powder to reduce the shine of my nose  and not to look like a ” Champu “ . L'oreal  Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine ICY GEL While I was strolling through the aisles  ,  I came   face to face with a product that cl aimed to hydrate and mattify the skin for a long time and was especially formulated for shiny skin .It claimed to contain “Deep Marine source Water “ which is directly extracted from 22 m under the ocean

COLORBAR Cheekillusion creme Blush 001 Kiss Me Baby

Hello Girlies ! Now that I have bravely stepped into the Beauty world and started experimenting with Lip colours ,Eye shadows (something I never though I would ever use in my life ) . I also ventured to try out blushes with a trembling heart and even more trembling fingers . Since Colorbar is a brand I trust blindly and since  their counters and kiosks are always so alluringly lit up and decked out in their best and most brightest of  colours , I could not resist their charm and acquired  my first blush . And what a cheeky name--Kiss Me Baby !!! I have worn out the print ,that is how frequently I have been using it ! Read on to find out whether it was a hit or miss ...