L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine ICY GEL

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Well going by the weather , “Sweaties “ should be the address !

Do you know that you need to keep your skin hydrated even  in  summers  and  monsoons  ?   Yes   we all know that .Initially I thought that I could skip the moisturiser in summers and monsoons but  my  skin became dry and stretchy after  sitting in the AC most of the time .So I started using a moisturiser .Since my skin is oily I started using oil free moisturiser .But to my dismay after a few hours my skin started looking shiny and sweaty .I had to constantly put on face powder to reduce the shine of my nose  and not to look like a ”Champu “ .

L'oreal  Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine ICY GEL

While I was strolling through the aisles  ,  I came  face to face with a product that claimed to hydrate and mattify the skin for a long time and was especially formulated for shiny skin .It claimed to contain “Deep Marine source Water “ which is directly extracted from 22 m under the ocean soil, off from the French Brittany Coast . Preserved and filtered by rich granite soil  , this source water is naturally enriched in essential minerals .It is 8 times more concentrated than normal ocean water in the purifying ‘Zinc mineral’ which has sebum regulating properties.

                                    By now you might have guessed what I am talking about .Yes ,I am talking about L’Oreal Paris HYDRAFRESH anti shine gel .

Price ---  Rs 550/-   for 50 ml , You can get it from Lifestyle  counter  or get it delivered to your home by shopping online at Nykaa , Flipcart , Jabong .

Ingredients –I have included a snapshot of the cardboard packing for a list of ingredients


Presentation—It comes in a simple aquamarine  glass tub with a lid .I miss the pump dispenser which helps in maintaining hygiene and also the exact  quantity can be taken out .It is very bulky and not travel friendly  . I wish the packaging could be lighter and the dispensing spill -free .

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The Product –  It is sea green looking gel , very light and non greasy in texture .Gets absorbed into the skin fast and leaves – hold your breath – skin feeling tingling fresh , powdery soft and shine free !

Ultimately ...bliss .And the effect lasts for at least 4 hours for me .

It also gives a cooling minty feel (nothing icy though ) for a few minutes after application.

It has a faint minty fragrance .

The PROS—There are so many

·        1. It  has been specially dermatologically tested on Asian skin .
·       2.  Specially designed for shiny skin or for Hot and Damp climates .
·       3.  Ultra light gel  texture .
·       4.  Mattifies the skin and controls  oil .
·       5. Moisturises  for lo-o-o-o-ng  without getting greasy .
·       6.  Makes the skin bouncy and plump hence reducing the appearance of fine lines .
·        7. Contains Zinc Gluconate , salicyclic acid,Polybutelene Glycol ...I know it sounds very chemical but these    ingredients help in keeping the skin non –sticky as well as acne and blemish free .
·        8. Reasonably priced .

The gel upon application

The CONS are few

·     1.    Bulky jar .
·     2.    No dispenser , so unhygienic .
·     3.    Not travel friendly .

You can see --No gresasiness , No shine ,hard to make out where it was applied !!!

The Final Verdict – I would rate it  a  4.0 / 5 . One point subtracted for the packaging and effect lasting for only four hours on me . I think it would last longer on girls with a slightly less oily skin. Also the combination of Moisturiser and  is good for even combination skin and Mature skins that have a tendency for dry patchiness in certain areasmattification .

All in all a must try product for all women (except ladies with dry skin ) especially for women living in humid and warm climates .


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