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A Healthy Child makes a Healthy Home

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. ~Elizabeth Lawrence. We all wish that our children be the flowers of that garden , where they can bloom and be happy always  .The smile of a happy child warms up the coldest of hearts and fills every dark  corner with light . I am a doctor and in my daily practice I have seen worried parents losing their sleep and calm when the apple of their eyes falls sick .Being a mother , I understand how life comes to a standstill when a chirpy  child goes  quiet and lies listless in his /her bed refusing food and play .How many precious school days are missed ! For years now I have been asking my patients to give their children Dabur ChywanPrash to improve their immunity and keep them from falling sick frequently  .It has specially helped in reducing the recurrences of common cold , influenza and allergic bronchitis .I have  read in Ayurvedic li

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Review - Burgundy Blend

Maybelline New york (MNY) has recently introduced MNY Colorshow Lipsticks in India after the unprecedented success of their Color Show Nail colors .The Maybelline Color Show lipstick range has lip colors in four stunning hues - reds, pinks, browns and mauves. Offering 27 shades in the color show range .Maybelline products have always been good quality and  easy on the pocket  so I tried the hottest fall color in this new range which is Burgundy Blend .                                     Read on to find out more about Maybelline Color show Lipstick -Burgundy Blend...

Wella Color Up Your Life Bloggers Meet

Me - up ,close and personal with Sapna Bhavnani Imagine a Life without colors ... I bet you can't . Life would be so dull ! That was what our Wella Color Up Your Life Bloggers' Meet  was all about . After waiting impatiently ,finally the day had arrived for the "Wella  Color Up your Life" Blogger's meet " at Select City Mall , Delhi .It was my first bloggers' Meet so naturally I was quite excited about it . Bloggers at the venue  Before I start , a word for the travel partners w ho made it possible for the bloggers to reach the venue comfortably and within time .There were a few hiccups initially but after downloading their App and also through some help from The Event managing partners "Ripple Links " I was able to reach the venue well with in time. Coming to Wella , Wella International is a more than 100 yrs old name in the beauty industry and do you know that the first permanent cream hair color was int

Clean and clear Skin balancing moisturizer

Hello All ! The weather refuses to get cooler here in Delhi and with the mercury still high , my already oily skin gets oilier .So I am always on the look out for products that are oil free and suit combination skins and oily skins .One such product is Clean and Clear skin Balancing  moisturizer .                                     Read on the find out how effective it was ...

Movie Review - HAIDER ( Revenge with CHUTZPAH )

The movie Haider is based on the famous play  "Tragedy of Hamlet "by Shakespeare .Earlier Vishal Bhardwaj had taken inspiration from "Macbeth"(for Maqbool) and Othello(for Omkara) too and this one is his finishing touch to the trilogy .                    The movie starts in Srinagar ,in 1995,when militancy was at its peak .A honest surgeon Dr . Hussein Meer (Narender Jha ) does not think twice before treating his patients even when the patient is a wanted terrorist.His only son Haider (Shahid Kapur ) has been sent away to Aligarh for studies .His beautiful wife Ghazala  ( Tabu ) lives in constant terror of the army finding out about her husband helping the terrorists surreptitiously . Her worst fears come true when an informer informs the army and her husband disappears without any clue .Haider returns back home to find his father vanished and his mother (Tabu) living with his Father's younger brother , Khurram Meer (Kay Kay Menon). The co