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The January 2015 FabBag

Hi beautiful ladies!  I am back here to share with you the contents of my January 2015 FabBag .but first a few words about the basic concept of FabBag -you pay Rs 599 p.m. ( Rs 499/-p.m for  quarterly, Rs 449/-p.m.  for semi-annual and Rs 399/-p.m. for annual subscriptions) and then wait for your cute little bag to arrive which contains at least 3 luxury product samples and discount vouchers to buy products from their website if you like them after trying .Yes , I also love the concept and I get to see what suits me and what does not, at a fraction of the total cost of the product . Coming back to the January FabBag and its contents, I am now going to raise the curtain on this bag.It is a shiny ,cute pink pouch and contains the following :   1.  Laqa & Co fat Lip pencil (worth Rs 800 /- for 3 gms ) I received a full size pencil in the shade "Siren song" .It is a creamy red with a hint of brown .Details coming up soon .  2. SeaSoul  Dead Sea facia

SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream - Medium

Today I shall review a product which I have been using quite frequently but forget to review .This is the SeaSoul HD finish CC cream  , I received it in my October 2014 FabBag .So without wasting any furry time I shall directly review the product for you .                                      About   SeaSoul Cosmecuticals  -   SeaSoul Cosmecuticals  is an Australian brand . SeaSoul's Spa and Skincare products are made from ancient mystical salts, minerals and mud found only in the Dead Sea. These products not only give you a magical experience, but they also ensure the well being of skin, mind and body. These products bestow beauty and have medicinal properties that clean and replenish the skin with essential minerals and oils. They enhance your beauty from both inside and outside and uplift your mood ...                        Price- Rs 625 /- for 30 ml PROS of  SeaSoul HD Finish CC cream  1.This complete coverage Color corrector cream helps  in ev

Lakme Lip Love Lip care Tinted Lip Balm Peach Review

Hi lovely Ladies and Gents ! Happy Republic Day to all of you ! How are you today ? As you can see I am inspired by the Indian Tri-colour today and will review a saffron-y lip balm                                          The market is teeming with lip care products and today I am going to share my experience with the Lakme Lip Love Lip care  Tinted Lip Balm in the shade Peach for you .           Price - Rs 200/- for 3.8 gms ,the price is higher than other lip balms but they are also proving bigger quantities .                            PROS of Lakme Lip Love Lip care  Tinted Lip Balm Peach 1.Twist up plastic bullet packaging ,it has a transparent plastic cover which makes it look cuter .The product looks great in its packaging . 2.Inner balm core and an outer colored ring (in this case Peach in color) a bit like ELLE 18 lipsticks . 3. contains SPF 15  4. Hint of peach colour                         CONS of Lakme Lip Love Lip c


Hubby dear and I have been engaging in a lot of debate lately.It is about which new car are we going to buy next .Out of the blue a (thunder)BOLT stuck me.Well not literally , actually I got an opportunity to have a look at TATA motors new launch "The BOLT "and I was smashed . Here is  a list of features which I found very impressive (Warning - this is a completely non technical review from a female driver's perspective ); 1. Safer Drive -what I liked most was the additional airbag provided for the co-passenger besides the standard airbag for the driver .Since I generally drive with kids , the other added safety feature which I found  highly useful was the speed dependent auto door lock , so even if we forget to lock the doors , they      will lock automatically at high speeds.   Also smartphone enabled navigation is an additional useful feature in unchartered territories. The LED Stop lamps are mounted higher to     ensure a better vision through a lon

Of Love and Dare

Being happily married for quite a long time of my life ,that too an arranged marriage where love does not happen instantly but slowly grows on you with the passage of time ,I do celebrate Valentine's Day every year with my other half but it never has had any thrill to it.Our Valentine celebrations would be something nice and romantic.Usually a peck on the cheek with wishes for a "Happy Valentine Day" occasionally followed by my favourite chocolates or/and my favourite flowers ,Then the day would proceed as usual , we both would leave for our respective jobs and occasionally we would plan a dinner .With children coming into the picture , sometimes we have been able to stick to our morning routine only .In fact now I recall that last year we did not celebrate it in our usual manner as hubby dear was out of station .We had exchanged pleasantries on phone and wished each other . Though the guidelines in the  Happy hours contest  organised by

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Video :courtesy Respected Shri Narendra Modi Sir ji ,                                                  I have always been your staunch supporter and voted you to power,so that you can bring back the lost glory of our motherland through your path breaking ideas and innovations .You have also been the son of a common man and that is why I hope that you will understand our problems . Sir , through this letter I wish to draw your attention to the plight of us common men .I am a great lover of art , in fact art is in my blood .My father ,  a common man with an uncommon talent ,loved Pan ( betel leaf )and from morning to evening , he created innumerous works of art around the house , while he sat in the Verandah( balcony)   and being a large hearted man ,he never discriminated with any single locality.Everywhere he went , he took his art with him . Every street , every nook and corner , was blessed by the streaks of his artwork .His na

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Stars Collection Pure Reds Lipstick --Pure BRICK Review

Every woman must at some stage of life experiment with the color RED in lipsticks , for RED oozes confidence, power , boldness and celebration .But some woman are perplexed  by the various shades available ,so L'Oreal has come to the rescue and ever since I came to know that L'Oreal has launched a new collection of  its well received Color Riche Moist Matte range with the name - L'oreal Color Riche Star Collection Pure Reds ,I was aching to get at least one for myself and that is what today's review is all about . Coming to the review itself . I zero-ed in on  two shades to swatch for medium dusky skin with pigmented lips - Pure Brick (Aishwarya ) and Pure Garnet (Freida ) .  L'oreal Color Riche Star Collection Pure Reds Lipsticks has a great concept.Select the celebrity who you think your skin tone most closely matches and Voila - Your Perfect Red is there for you .  The PRICE - Rs 995/-  available at all L'Oreal counters and Online at 

Vivel "Love And Nourish "Luxury Soap Review

I am not much of a shower gel person .I prefer to use the good old bar of soap to a shower gel maybe it is just habit that makes me stick to soaps .Normally I do not review soaps ,but this one was so good that I had to write about it .I have been using this for over a month now and I am very happy with the results .                    Price - Rs 30/- for 75 gms      Packaging - I love the luxurious packing , I guess so much of the beauty products I hoard are probably because they looked so pretty on the shelf and just entreating to be taken home .It has a gold and ,cream and light green ,cardboard pack which opens like an oyster shell .You just gently open it along the dotted line and voila --a smooth, oval pearly bar of soap awaits you !       The Product Description According to VIVEL - These soaps are available in two variants , the AVOCADO & OLIVE butter soap and the SHEA & ALMOND Butter soap .The goodness of the butters promise to give you luxuriousl

Winner of the "What is your reason to love Melbourne " contest

Congratulations , to  +Mohit Kumar   for becoming the winner of this contest . You shall soon receive your voucher , keep checking your mail .

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash Review

I guess everybody has had acne at some point of time , the degree may vary from person to person .A common place skin condition but it can affect the emotional and psychological state of  a person too .So today I am going to share my experience with a very popular face wash -the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash .                                            Price- Rs 90 for 100 mg                              Product description - It comes in an opaque, white plastic tube with a flip -open cap .This packaging makes it handy enough to carry in your purse or backpack .It is easy to dispense product but you cannot see when your tube is getting empty .You can see the list of ingredients in the pic below .As mentioned in my post   Acne -Causes and Management  ,  it does contain the most important essential ingredients for a clearer and blemish free skin. Usage tips - As mentioned in the image below , take a small amount on the palm , rub together and apply gently wi

Acne - A Basic guide about its causes and management

Acne is a localized skin inflammation as a result of over activity of the oil glands at the base of specialized hair follicles. Commonly called pimples , zits ,bumps, oozies ,etc . Acne never happens overnight , it is a slow inflammatory process which gets aggravated by multiple factors . For the benefit of my readers , I am listing the most common causes below ; Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) - the most common cause of acne in women seen by me in my clinical practice .It causes increased hairiness ,dandruff , hair loss, acne and sometimes menstrual irregularities and weight gain  Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism -causes acne if the levels are unstable frequently Physiological(natural) causes -pregnancy ,puberty ,stress ,menopause ,heavy exercise etc Food allergies - the commonest culprit has been found to be milk and eggs  Nutritional deficiencies -deficiency of Vitamin D, Vitamin A,zinc ,selenium etc can exacerbate the inflammatory process and also increase

Sickness teaches us the value of good Health

My son ,Amogh is the apple of my eye  and not just mine but the whole household from his Grandfather , grandmother to his uncles and cousins .Maybe because we had him seven years after his elder sister was born .He has been a much awaited addition to our family.The moment he wakes he takes his glass of milk and then asks me whether he could go and play with his Dadi (grandmother).His grandfather back from his daily walks ,enquires about hm the moment he steps in the drawing room .And Amogh is pampered by one and all .His cousins back from college and school bring him his daily dose of toffees and since I do not allow him these ,so these are sneaked into his pockets to be had when I am out of the sight .The constant brother -sister fights are a regular feature in our home.The sister being seven years older , tries to boss him around and he being seven years younger tries to get his way by trying to look helpless and cute . Last month , Amogh came down with fever and sore throat .He l

The Very inspiring Blogger Award

Dear Readers  and Fellow Bloggers I hope the New Year has brought in a lot of cheer and happiness in your lives too .I started writing my blog in 2014 itself .Today I would like to give  a vote of thanks to all the bloggers ,because it is only them who have inspired me to write my heart out ( though I still am not doing so literally ) but at least I have  taken baby steps . I would also like to humbly thank U K ( ) for nominating me for the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award .I wish him all the best in future . I also want to thank Indiblogger to provide this platform and network to us bloggers . The Very inspiring Blogger Award rules are as follows: 1.Display the award on your blog ( done ) 2.Link back to the person who nominated you (check) 3.State 7 things about yourself ( that is myself) I asked my daughter this question and she said that it is very difficult to find something nice about you ! People who know me closely feel t