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Upgrade to your dream car ....Quikr

Do you own a typical middle class family car ,and need to change your car because the tyres are worn and your family has grown in size and numbers in the last few years ?

Or are you a DINK ( double income ,no kids ) family that loves to zoom out of the city on weekends before returning to your fast paced metro life and need to upgrade to a brand new ,swanky all- terrain wagon ?
Want to get rid of your old car because you are bored of it  ?

If the answer to any of the above questions is in the affirmative ,then here is some good news for you. Quikr NXT has expanded its buy and sell services to include used cars too .
All you have to do is go to or sign in( this helps you to track the progress of your advertisement easily ) and then choose the option  " Place an Ad ".Then choose the category "Car and Bikes ", select whether you want to buy or sell the car .

After that ,give your advertisement a title , add pictures of the car and quote …

Book Review : Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams

Price - Rs 350/-

Ever since I read the Shiva Trilogy series by Amish Tripathi(The Immortals of Melua ,The Oath of teh Vayuputras and the third book The Secret of The Nagas  ) I was awestruck by the completely different way of the presentation of  Indian mythology by the author .So when the opportunity to review a book based on another great Indian epic the Valmiki Ramayana came to me , I grabbed it with both hands .

This book has been titled ''Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams' .It has been authored by Shubha Vilas who though a qualified engineer and and a lawyer ,prefers to call himself a spiritual seeker and is also a much sought after motivational speaker at institutes and universities.                                                                                        

 Shubha Vilas has also authored the first part of this successful  series " The Rise of the Sun Prince "." The Rise of the Sun Prince " narrates the story of Ayo…

Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm Review

Countless advertisements on T.V. keep on telling us ,sun protection is important for your face, arms ,lips and even hair !If not you will get hyperpigmentation (darkening),wrinkles or even skin cancer .
I know it all sounds so scary and since I am naturally blessed with pigmented lips I thought of trying a lip balm with higher SPF from the reputed brand -Avene  to avoid further darkening.I have already tried their Avene Triacneal cream and was pretty happy with the outcome .So here goes the story...

Price-I bought it at a discount (at Rs 350!) from NYKAA but it is otherwise available for Rs 650 for 3gms.Yes it is pretty expensive but it lasts long too so there is some balancing act .

PROS of Avene High Protection SPF 30 Lip Balm

Very sturdy and bright orange eye catching packing.Very travel friendly .Twist up  tube with cover  , so no smearing of fingertips and fear of contamination  .Transparent ,so good for wearing under your favourite lipsticks without the fear of the color being alt…

Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Hi friends !
As you may recall I received this night cream also as part of my FabBag subscription (you can learn more about it here).

So far I have tried two Kama products through FabBag - the Kama Bringadi Hair Oil reviewed here and the Kama soap free Natural face Cleanser reviewed here  . I must admit I was very impressed with the quality and the effectiveness of the products .

Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream claims to contains a blend of special herbs and rare ingredients that will brighten up the skin as you rest at night .

So with high expectations I started on a week's trial for this night cream.

Price  - Rs 1195/- for 50 gms
How to Use - It can be used by all skin types and all age groups .It is recommended to use it after cleansing the face with Kama Soap free cleanser at night and then apply the cream .After application the cream is to be gently massaged in upward strokes taking care to avoid the eye area.Recommended for daily use at night .

PROS of …

My routine to ensure my baby sleeps soundly

My heart knows no other joy greater than nestling my little baby to my bosom ,holding those little fingers ,breathing in that typical baby smell ,feeling those soft curls on the little head... It is a feeling that can only be felt and not described in words .

I had my son after a long time of having my daughter ,so this bundle of joy was a much awaited addition to our family .Since I had a hectic work schedule , night time was the only time when I could enjoy the company of my baby at leisure .My typical day would start with getting my daughter ready for school ,packing tiffins and sending her off to school .Then I would get the baby and baby food ready and after handing over the baby to my mother-in -law ,I would rush off to work .Evenings would again be about checking homework and preparing dinner and then let everybody settle down .
After all this running around came the 'us' time ,when me and my baby would spend some time together in peace .

Since my son and daughter both…

To live Today like there is no Tomorrow

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”– Leo F. Buscaglia(Dr. Love).

This is so true .Worrying kills you slowly ,day by day ,bit by bit. So wouldn't it be great if we could live our lives without the burden of worries on our shoulders.The Befikar Umar Bhar H.H. contest on IndiBlogger had asked us to write about top 5 things on our bucket list to do if I was to be  Befikar Umar Bhar(had no worries for the rest of my life).

So here goes my bucket list of 5 things to do if I could live my life without any worries :

1.Speak out against Injustice-I have always had an inner activist within me .Every time I see something wrongful happening in front of my eyes  this inner activist would raise its head to speak out and I would have to stifle the inner voice  saying ,"What if something happens to you ?"After all  sometimes one has to pay the price for speaking  the truth .Look at Teetsa and Javed Anand for speaking up in Gujarat, to give an example .T…

My Valentine - Zenmaster Asus Zenphone

Every year on V-day my dear hubby would get me my favorite flowers and we would spend the whole day by ourselves .But this year was different , he was forced to go on an official  out of town  tour and was only going to be back two days after Valentine's day .Because of work compulsions I could not join him and so I was left very lonely and blue .

Unable to stand the loneliness , I took out my Asus Zenfone and went for a drive  .Lost in thoughts I did not even realize that I had reached our favourite Garden Cafe out of habit .This was our love nest .As I settled down ,I passed a weary look on the lovey-dovey couples around me and gave out a sigh .
I ordered a cup of coffee and to kill time started fiddling with my Asus Zenfone .So far I had not really explored this phone but since I had lots of time on hand I started to explore it .I was impressed by some of its great features , which I am going to share with you ;

1. Great looks and sturdy body - Yes , I am vain enough to be att…

Join the Biggest Watch Fest ever at

Hi friends !

A watch has certainly emerged to be more than a mere time telling tool and hence before investing in a timepiece, you should know which style would suit your personality and status. If you’re all set to buy a nice wristwatch, what better way than shopping for it online at Here, you’d not just get all top watch brands but cool discounts too. Isn’t it just too good? Whether you’re looking for a designer piece that would make you noticeably stylish or something more robust for sport or holiday, we have assorted all just for you. A watch also makes for a grest gifting idea . In case you’re not sure which brand or style to go for, here are some options lined up for you:

Casio: Known for its super-tough watches, Casio is definitely for someone who wants more from his timepiece. If surfing, snowboarding or off-roading is on your mind, take a pick from Casio G Shock watches. These shock resistant timepieces are light, water resistant and have stopwatch and countdown ti…

Crazy in Love ...

How frustrating is it when the person you fall for ,does not take the hint even though you keep dropping them like hail in a blizzard !

We (me and Arjun )had been seeing each other for more than two years .We initially moved along  with common friends .The whole bunch would go out for movies , lunches and just hang around .Then a few times we also spent some together time ,just the two us,but it could not really be called  a date .It was more of shopping and strolling or sitting at a coffee shop and chatting about everything and anything under the sky .I knew that he had a soft corner for me , but it never really materialised into anything concrete .

I asked his best friend Arif  whether Arjun really thought of me any more than a regular friend and to my delight I was told that I was really special to him for Arjun  talked a lot about me even when I was not around .His interest in me was definitely more than just friendly ,as even I could sense from his body language when he was arou…

Colorbar Perfect Match BB cream in Honey Glaze 002

Hi Everybody !

Today I am going to review an essential beauty must have for our daily make up routine .Yes , you guessed it right it is the Colorbar BB Cream .BB stands for Beauty Balms or even Blemish balms .It was originally designed by dermatologists for people undergoing laser treatments , because this product was moisturizing to soothe to skin and contained some foundation to hide the imperfections and some sunscreen and anti-oxidants which would help prevent and repair the damage to the skin .

Price  -   Rs 550/- for 29 gms 


It comes in 4 shades - White light ,Vanilla creme,Honey glaze ,Cinnamon swirl starting from the lightest to the darkest shades .So compared to some other brands that only offer two or three shades , the chances of meeting your perfect match is better in Colorbar BB cream.It is easily available at Colorbar counters and also online .Blends easily , no time wasted in spreading it on .The perfect match claims to…

KAMA Mridul Soap free Face Cleanser

Today I shall do a short review of the Kama Mridul Soap free face cleanser . I received this sample in my February Fabbag , you can read about the other contents of this FabBag here .I am going to use this along with the Kama Brightening Night Cream for a week and tell you how good or bad it was for me .

PRICE - Rs 295 /- for 40 gms 
Since I have received a sample so I shall not comment on the original packaging and directly go to the review .
HOW TO USE -This is a dry powder and two pinches is enough for one time cleanse . It needs to be mixed withmilk for dry skin or combination skin and with rose water for oily skin.I used Rose water and made a paste .Well not exactly a paste as it is not that fine  but still it can be applied easily and then I left it on the face for few minutes and rubbed it off .Finally I washed my face with clean
cold water.Only mix what you need for immediate use (though a paste made of Mridul will keep in the refrigerator for a week). Use daily in place of soa…

February 2015 '' DATE NIGHT '' FabBag

Yes , I know it is a bit too early for  FabBag even I was pleasantly surprised .The crew has sent the FabBag earlier than usual in order to be just in time for Valentine day .Isn't that sweet ?

So coming to Valentine special edition FabBag , this is the preview for you ,I shall review the products in detail soon .

A word about the FabBag itself , this time there were two changes to the FabBag
one,it came in a heart shaped black pouch and two, it came with sling chains so you can sling it upon your wrist and get ,set and go anywhere .

Coming back to the FabBag in detail , it contained the following items :

1.Sally Hansen  maximum growth plus nourishing Nail colour in Mulberry (Rs 575for 13.3 ml)
I loved it . It is a beautiful nude brownish pink, very understated and elegant and will go with most looks .To top it it is chip resistant and nourishing .  So I can apply it well in advance and save myself some time on the V- day :)

2.Kama Mridul Soap free Cleanser ( Rs 295/- for 40 gms)