ASUS Zenfone 5 - First impression

Recently I got the opportunity to lay my hands on the Asus Zenfone 5 for a review and I grabbed it with both hands .

The moment I  ripped open the package and took the phone out -It was love at first sight (Violins in the background , please!).
I loved the slim and light phone , so elegant and easy to hold .You have to hold it to understand how it has been  designed for functionality and convenience .It is so thin -just 5.5 mm at its thinnest edge !

This is how thin it it , thinner than a pen !

Just to give you an idea of the screen size and the slimness -here it is 

I loved the clean and organised home page ,because personally I am a very fastidious person too.
Talking about the first look and exteriors ,it has the standard Corning Gorilla  Glass 3 exterior that makes it strong and scratch proof ( good for me as I have a young son who loves to get hold of it and use it as a toy car ).It comes in four colors-Black/White/Red/Champagne Gold .Mine is white in colour with silver/chrome accents - very classy !

The classy outlook 

Other than being thin and light and offering a convenient grip , I find the 5'' display pretty huge .This also puts less strain on my already tired eyes .Also the HD 1280x720,IPS resolution gives crisp and crystal clear images .So watching videos and movies is a superlative experience on this screen.


It has glove  touch technology which means the slightest of touch is enough to give me smooth navigation .

The specifications specify that it has 2 MP front camera and 8 MP secondary camera and comes with PixelMaster , so in my next post I shall be exploring the Zenfone's camera.


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