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“Earth Is Calling” - Will you Listen ?

I like being alive .Period.

Well to your ''So do I " my answer is a query .

"What on earth are you doing  to sustain yourself and this planet to ensure that we and our generations remain alive ?"

It is our duty and the need of the hour to ensure that we sustain our ecosystems to ensure a peaceful existence free from man-made calamities .

Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day(22nd April). Green Yatra, an NGO dedicated to conservation and protection of nature, is supporting this green effort to save our planet .

I hope this foot tapping number has also inspired you enough to do your bit for our green planet- The Earth .

Statistics tell us that about 14 billion trees need to be planted every year for 10 consecutive years " to take care of  the environmental mess we have created .

1.Each one of us can vow to plant a tree every month or whenever possible to contribute to restoring our green cover .

2.Segregating was…

Stories of Courage and #WillofSteel

They say that ,"The tough get going ,when the going gets tough."

Today through my blog I will do my bit by writing about some exemplary individuals with undying courage .Individuals who overcame the challenges thrown by life through their steely determination and proved their mettle ,and the  fire in their belly not just illuminated their lives but also the lives of many others.

The Will of steel is a JSW (India's largest steel manufacturer ) empowered platform where many undiscovered inspirations like Geeta Phogat,could be recognized ,appreciated and supported and thus much more can be done  for such inspiring individuals.

Geeta Phogat , is the first woman to benefit from this campaign.She pursued a male dominated sport like wrestling in the  male dominated society of Haryana and won a gold at the Commonwealth games .This was not just a win for Geeta but a win for  thousands of oppressed women in Haryana.

Below are more such stories of  Heroes whose nerves of steel and u…

Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

Going through the #CrashThePepsiIPl  ads I was hugely entertertained by some of them , while some of them  tried hard but still fell flat and some started of with lot of promise but ended up being a miss(as in far off the mark  rather than a nubile, young girl ) instead of being a hit.

Today I will share some of the videos that according to me (for they may as well go on to become the finalists if the judges like them) held promise but fizzled out finally .

1.Fizzy Fizzy Pepsi- This ad showed a rotund Sardarji vying for the gaming console with his friends .The friends do not entertain him , pissed off he goes to the fridge and takes out a Pepsi and as he tries to gulp down the Pepsi , he is attacked by his friends and his Pespi is snatched away.

I think the over all negativity is what makes this ad less interesting .Had the tables been turned on the friends , it could have been more entertaining and who does not like a happy ending?

2.Pespistious- This  ad is about how every time the …

Crash the Pespi IPL - some interesting Ads

Pepsi brings to my mind 'Pep' , something ' Bubbly' something that denotes youth and energy and a devil may care funky attitude .
Pepsi has been inviting creative ads that can become the next pepsi commercial and the winners will get a chance to crash  the  Pepsi IPL !
I went through their You tube site and collected a few gems which I will be good enough to share with you .

Here is a a look at some of the most interesting advertisements :

1.Refresh Recharge Restart- If you just overlook the shabby look of the hero who gets kicked out of his job (or maybe that is the reason he is shabby!) this video appeals to me as it depicts a never say die spirit of youth and also the positive twist at the end  which I associate with the Pespi brand . I can already imagine Ranbir Kapoor as the dashing hero who lands himself a new job and love both .

2. Pespi Pilao apna Stadium Banao - The actors are good and they show how young men  charged (with pespi) can change adversity into op…

First Anniversary Giveaway !

Thank you all my dear Friends and Well Wishers !

My Blog has completed one year ,something which I never imagined possible when I set out .Your support has been tremendous and to express my gratitude towards  my readers ,I have organised a small Giveaway .

The Giveaway  is a  Garnier gift Hamper (Garnier Face Wash + Garnier Apricot Scrub )for the lucky winner !!!

To participate in the Giveaway all you have to do is -

1.Answer the question,"What is your skin care tip for healthy and beautiful skin ?"
  Leave your answer in the comments section on this page

2. Like us on Facebook .(Facebook like is on blog page itself,just click it )

3.Giveway is open for Indian citizens only .

4.Watch out this blog for the declaration of the lucky winner .

5.The Blog administrator will choose the lucky winner .

One lucky  winner will win the Garnier  Gift Hamper !

Giveaway closes on  25th April 2015 .So what are you waiting for ?

The KOSE - INDIBLOGGER meet Experience

My Tweets would have laready alerted you to the fact that I was so excited to be at the launch of a beauty secret at the Kose -Indiblogger Meet , at Hyatt regency ,Delhi .

I reached the venue well in advance and had some tim eto connect with my fellow bloggers Anshita, Shwetabh ,Rahul and Mrs Ahluwalia .
Sanchali Arora , anchored the show very well.The evenng started with a refreshments followed by a few fun activities and networking with in the bloggers .I due course we were introduced to the Kose brand.This is a brand which was started in 1946 and has now its overseas presence in 25 countries .This was the brand that introduced beauty serums and powder foundation to the world .The guest of Honour was H.E.Takeshi Yagi ,The Ambassador of Japan in India who underlined the warm relations of India and Japan .  There was a small but powerful presentation of facts and figures by Mr. Masanori Kobayashi , the grandson of the Founder of Kose Corporation Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi .The suave and …

ASUS Zenfone 2 - Redefining the Smartphone Experience !

After reading  my previous posts about Asus Zenfone 5 ,you might have already gathered that this is a very smart and zany cellphone to own.Imagine how pleasantly surprised I must have been to know that  ASUS is now going to launch its second generation smartphone .I got a sneak peek into its various features and here is why I am dying to own the ASUS Zenfone 2.
1.The mind blowing camera - Being a beauty blogger, taking pictures is an essential part of my work .The new Zenfone 2 is equipped with a Front facing 5 Mega-Pixel and Rear 13 Mega-Pixel camera .Isn't that Oh so amazing ???Imagine what would be the  quality of pictures - super sharp and crisp pictures !

The trademark PixelMaster technology ensures clean and sharp images in different settings .Fix Focus mode ensures that all visible objects will be in auto focus whatever be their distance .The Wide View mode, the Auto Focus, and the real tone  LED Flash all ensure perfect pictures in a jiffy .No adjusting ,no focussing , jus…

Advertising as harbingers of social change- a small selection of my favourite ads

In my last post I talked about some advertisements that just don't make sense and make us laugh if we took them literally.Advertising is all about creating a brand image or create the need for a product in the market .Why can't tht producct be a socil message or a scial change ?Some advertisements have shown that it is possible to create an impact without the camera lingering on the bodies of  half naked men or women .

Here is a small list of some of my favourite Indian advertisements :

1.The undivided people -Our country was divided in 1947 but people were not .The LOC cannot divide their common heritage and culture whether on this side of the border or that side .People want to come together despite the barriers separating them ,hearts know no boundaries .As depicted in this ad here-

2.Religious Intolerance -Amidst the divisive politics going on in the country based on religion, some ads underline the message of unity in diversity of the Indian diaspora .The Havell's fa…

Some Unbelievable Stories

A middle aged couple went on vacation ,where the wife had a heart attack and had to be buried on the island itself .The man was quite happy to finally be ridden off his nagging wife .After completing the rituals he was driving home when he saw his ‘wife’ running after him in his rear view mirror .Scared for his life ,he kept on accelerating till the clouds of dust obliterated the view completely  and she was no more visible.

 He reached back home and was relaxing when the door bell rang …

He opened the door … and saw his wife standing there looking more haggard and nasty.He pinched himself hard and howled in pain – it was true ! His wife indeed stood before him .But how could it be possible ?

Here is how it was possible - while the woman was being buried ,some cement from a nearby construction flew into her gaping mouth and as this commercial will tell you ,’Iss cement main Jaan hai !’(This cement has life ) so the cement gave her a second lease of life and she became alive once agai…

Beauty is #TwiceAsNice when One is Sugar and the other is Spice

Our  love for blogging was what brought us together in the first place despite our huge age difference .Simran and I , first met at a blogging event and hit it off .The interactions continued through e-mails and blogging forums .We call ourselves sugar and spice , Simran being the sugary sweet teenager and me being the seasoned spice .

Her effervescence and zest finds a stability from the my experience and exposure .One's youth and exuberance gives our blogs that much needed surge of enthusiasm and energy while the other gives a scinetific backing to everything .Simran is the window to the world of youth and represents  what the young and restless generation wants .While I provide her with inputs about the challenges that women of  my age face and how to overcome them  this helps us in blogging about a wide spectrum of issues from nation centric issues to latest beauty products .

Blogging  is not just #TwiceAsFun but also #TwiceAsNice when  the two of us work together as a team a…

Maybelline Color Show bright Sparks Nail paints - Power of Red and Spark of Steel

Hi Girlies !

Maybelline New York has just launched 8 new shades in the Color Show range by the name Bright Sparks,inspired by the New York Fashion Week .Though not all are sparkly but yes they are bright and eye catchy .The range includes glamorous shades like Glowing Wine, Power of Red, Firewood Brown, Blazing Blue, Flash of Coral, Spark of Steel, Burnished Gold and Molten Maroon. I loved all of them but brought home these two lovelies that I have reviewed  below .

PRICE - They are not evenly priced .The Spark of steel was for Rs 85/- while the Power of Red was priced at  Rs 100/- .

I also like the shape - a compact small cylinder - very contemporary and takes less space .

My thoughts about Maybelline Color Show bright Sparks Nail paint - Power of Red
A nice true red , very bright and will do justice to all skin tones . A tomato Red with a glossy finish. One swipe was enough to give colour . Dries very fast probably 15-20 seconds . It leaves a stain while cleaning so you have to be car…

April 2015 FabBag Review

Hi Friends !

First of all I am going to thank FabBag crew for sending our FabBags earlier as now we have the whole month to try out the products and write a review in the same month .Thank you ,Guys!

Now coming to the FabBag contents of this month -

1.City Color Blush Quad in Coral ( Rs 500/- for full size ) - I have already used its blush stick and liked the formula .I just love the packaging of this one ,it looks so classy and beautiful and the four shades are also well selected for my complexion .The lighter shades can be worn for the formal day look and the pinker ones for a night time look .It also has subtle shimmer which adds a nice glow.It is also oil controlling so a great product for summers .

2. Malavara Live Vetiver Body lotion and Body Wash  Duo ( Malavara Body Wash  price is Rs.300 for 60ml and Malavara Body Lotion price is Rs.390 for 60ml ) - It has a nice citrus fragrance . I am yet to try them out .The lotion looks promising and I am a sucker for herbal products .


You'll always get the best deal in Life when you Listen to your Heart !

This is the story of a very dear and cherished friend. He was born into a poor family. He had an abusive father who though earned fine enough to meet the demands of his family ,still refused to take care of the needs of his family .He was his own priority .Whatever the father earned , he spent a good chunk of that on his own upkeep , getting branded shoes and expensive clothes and would sometimes go off for days at a stretch without any information about his whereabouts to his family and would come back after spending all the money .So this friend of mine and his family were left to fend for themselves since a very tender age .He and his elder brother worked as helping hands in shops to support their family and education .The children made do with each other's discarded clothing when it got too small for the elder one to wear. All in all it was a sorry life to live but they tried to live with dignity.

By the time he completed his education he had grown into a tall and lanky fellow …

Washing Away the Wrongs

I chose this interesting title inspired by a Chinese book  written by Song Chi and bearing the  same title.This book was a book of Forensics meant to aid in rectification of injustice in law and investigations.I felt that this topic justified the challenge that me and my husband took .You might have  heard about the "Ice -bucket Challenge"seeking to give exposure and support to social causes .We took the Ariel  #WashBucketChallenge  because it seeks to challenge a social gender related stereotype that washing clothes is only the woman's job  .More than me , it was my dear hubby who was happy to take on the challenge.

Sweet as it may sound , but my Husband washed his own clothes long before our marriage because he did not want to burden his mother and later he did his own washing because due to his job he stayed away from home .Once we got married ,I took over the role of the homemaker and did all the chores myself .It was easy initially,as I had my washing machine to help…