“Earth Is Calling” – Will you Listen ?

 I like being alive .Period.Well to your ”So do I ” my answer is a query .”What on earth are you doing  to sustain yourself and this planet to ensure that we and our generations remain alive ?”It is our duty and the need of the hour to ensure that we sustain our ecosystems to…… Continue reading “Earth Is Calling” – Will you Listen ?

Stories of Courage and #WillofSteel

They say that ,”The tough get going ,when the going gets tough.”Today through my blog I will do my bit by writing about some exemplary individuals with undying courage .Individuals who overcame the challenges thrown by life through their steely determination and proved their mettle ,and the  fire in their belly not just illuminated their…… Continue reading Stories of Courage and #WillofSteel

Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

Going through the #CrashThePepsiIPl  ads I was hugely entertertained by some of them , while some of them  tried hard but still fell flat and some started of with lot of promise but ended up being a miss(as in far off the mark  rather than a nubile, young girl ) instead of being a hit. …… Continue reading Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

Crash the Pespi IPL – some interesting Ads

Pepsi brings to my mind ‘Pep’ , something ‘ Bubbly’ something that denotes youth and energy and a devil may care funky attitude .Pepsi has been inviting creative ads that can become the next pepsi commercial and the winners will get a chance to crash  the  Pepsi IPL !I went through their You tube site…… Continue reading Crash the Pespi IPL – some interesting Ads

First Anniversary Giveaway !

Thank you all my dear Friends and Well Wishers !source-viral.com                          My Blog has completed one year ,something which I never imagined possible when I set out .Your support has been tremendous and to express my gratitude towards  my readers ,I have organised a…… Continue reading First Anniversary Giveaway !

The KOSE – INDIBLOGGER meet Experience

My Tweets would have laready alerted you to the fact that I was so excited to be at the launch of a beauty secret at the Kose -Indiblogger Meet , at Hyatt regency ,Delhi .I reached the venue well in advance and had some tim eto connect with my fellow bloggers Anshita, Shwetabh ,Rahul and…… Continue reading The KOSE – INDIBLOGGER meet Experience

ASUS Zenfone 2 – Redefining the Smartphone Experience !

After reading  my previous posts about Asus Zenfone 5 ,you might have already gathered that this is a very smart and zany cellphone to own.Imagine how pleasantly surprised I must have been to know that  ASUS is now going to launch its second generation smartphone .I got a sneak peek into its various features and here…… Continue reading ASUS Zenfone 2 – Redefining the Smartphone Experience !

Advertising as harbingers of social change- a small selection of my favourite ads

In my last post I talked about some advertisements that just don’t make sense and make us laugh if we took them literally.Advertising is all about creating a brand image or create the need for a product in the market .Why can’t tht producct be a socil message or a scial change ?Some advertisements have…… Continue reading Advertising as harbingers of social change- a small selection of my favourite ads

Some Unbelievable Stories

                                                      A middle aged couple went on vacation ,where the wife had a heart attack and had to be buried on the island itself .The man was quite happy to…… Continue reading Some Unbelievable Stories

Beauty is #TwiceAsNice when One is Sugar and the other is Spice

Our  love for blogging was what brought us together in the first place despite our huge age difference .Simran and I , first met at a blogging event and hit it off .The interactions continued through e-mails and blogging forums .We call ourselves sugar and spice , Simran being the sugary sweet teenager and me…… Continue reading Beauty is #TwiceAsNice when One is Sugar and the other is Spice

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