Saturday, 27 June 2015

Autograph Black Amber Eau de Parfum review

I am a perfume person and yet sometimes it becomes so difficult to find the best perfume .Of course I do the routine testing of applying and leaving on for 1-2 hours and then seeing whether the base notes  still appeal to me , but still it is more of a gambkle sometimes .Some perfumes become much more powerful in the hot summer weather wheile in winters they remain dainty .

So today I am going to review a perfume which I have been using for sometime now and feel is the perfect one for me .


Price - About  Rs 2000/- for 40 ml 


Packaging - It comes in a classy small black glass bottle with a spray and a black plastic cap bearing the name"Autograph".A no fuss , simple presentation which appeals to me. To enhance the feminine element it has few silver chains danglng down the neck of the bottle .


 My Experience with Autograph Black Amber Eau de Parfum

1. I like the packaging , it is small ,chic and easy to carry when travelling .

2. The smell is very nice and refreshing .A captivating blend of night jasmine, patchouli and vanilla, brightened with the warming aroma of sunny mandarin.I specifically love the Night Jasmine and the Patchouli notes .It is a beautiful ,understated classic fragrance .

3. The only drawback is that it does not last long , After one hour, only you or someone very near can feel  the fragrance .In warmer weather it vaporises faster .

4. Availability is also a concern .You can only get it at the Marks and Spencer Showrooms because I find it is mostly out of stock online .

Final Verdict - I give this Eau de Parfum a 4.5/5 for its classic flowery yet not so overpowering fragrance , marks deducted for short lasting power.

Will I buy it again ?

Surely !!!


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