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Restaurant Review - Al Nawaz (Jamia Nagar )

“ Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on  I'm contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Al Nawaz Restaurant  and sharing my views with you all ! Hubby Dear had been singing praises of this relatively new entrant in the Mughlai food market .The place was very much in demand during the Ramzan month too .In fact so enamoured is my dear husband that he visits it almost every week to enjoy their famous Chicken Biryani .So this time around we all decided to visit this place and get a review for my readers too. Address - A-50, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Delhi |   9711794455 , +91-11-26984544 ,                 +91-11-26984546   Landmark : Near Police Station Jamia Nagar . Ambience - It has simple ,clean and understated feel with no music and no paintings. The restaurant has a seating capacity of about fifty and has an old world Muslim charm to it. It is the endeavou

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic foot file Review

Life is tough for a girl who loves her high heels , because they don't love you back ! Instead I end up getting cracked heels frequently .The sun and long walks make my feet dry too .So I really need to pamper them regularly which means foot creams and regular parlour visits for professional pedicures . But most of you must know from their experience , how time consuming it can be and also a little heavy on the pocket .A good professional pedicure sets you back by Rs 500 to Rs 1000 in any decent parlour ,and takes anything upwards of forty five minutes to one hour .For me it is even more demanding as I have to visit the parlour every 15 days . That is why , I had been eyeing the Scholl 's express pedi kit everytime I would visit the Bata showroom .Finally I took the plunge and acquired it .So now for the review .                            Price - Rs 2850/- for one unit , but when I checked online , is offering it for a great discount .You can check it

Taazgi Ka Dhamaka music video featuring Allu Arjun

                              In the above video, the mast vocals of Anushka Manchanda ,wake up Allu Arjun from his slumber and  then his fresh dance moves and Anushka's magical voice together  create a Dhamaka in the boring marriage function . We all go through dull ,boring and sometime tedious moments in life , when the mind just wants to be hit by a wave of freshness to infuse life with a new surge of energy and cheer . To beat the blues ,I have a playlist of such songs which I always keep with me and according to my mood , I give myself these mini shots of freshness as and when required . So here it goes ... 1. Nindiya se Jaagi Bahar from the movie " Hero " This is my  morning song , a beautiful song which evokes the freshness of the wild and virgin nature and makes me feel that I am transported into a different  time and place far from the maddening crowds . 2. " I'm Alive " by Celine Dion An all time favourite for the morn

Monsoon Fiesta with

Limeroad  is a an upcoming website which has really taken up the onli Limeroad  to get the look for yourself .I think this is an amazing concept for people who are unsure about how to pick and choose clothing and accessories to get a certain look .To create looks and then sharing them with your friends is fun , you can even get instatnt feedback from friends  without actually buying the stuff and know beforehand  if it will work for you ! How cool is that ! ne shopping world by storm .I specially love their lookbooks .The lookbooks are looks created by members of the website and then posted online. You can like a look, share a look on facebook and even buy the products on Recently Limeroad   ahs been hosting a Monsoon Blogfest and I am happy to contribute the look that I would want to create from Limeroad . Do tell me how do you like it ! Since I am a practical dresser , comfort and breathability are foremost in my mind when choosing a dress , specially in the monsoon season .

Is Massage really important for the development of a Baby

It has been always stressed in our households that babies need regular massage to help the in the development of strong bones and msucles .So how true is this claim ? Or are we following it blindly just like we do so many rituals and customs. What does Science say  Medical research has found that human babies deprived of touch showed decreased growth hormone and developed a condition called psychosocial dwarfism ; even worse they also did not grow when given injections of growth hormone. Only when given human touch did these infants grow. This finding implies that touch causes something beneficial to take place at the cellular level that makes the cells respond to the circulating growth hormone . Research also shows that babies receiving extra touch become better organized. They sleep better at night, fuss less during the day, and relate better to caregivers’ interactions. Touch settles babies. Massage can be a wonderful tool for helping your baby go to sleep at night.  Rese

Know more about the New Honey Diet

Come summers and as the layers of clothing is shed off , the excesses done in winters also start showing up in the form of that bulging belly .All those oil laden Paranthas come back to haunt you when you see that belly in the mirror .So summer time is also correction time for us - a time for exercise , fitness and dieting . Afterall f itness is not a choice! It has to be for everyone – young or old, fat or fit, anyone who wants to have a  better health.You cannot afford to be unfit .It has to be a way of life ,from waking up in the morning to the food we eat and how we eat it ,everything contributes to our fitness . It has been recently observed that low-Glycemic Index diets have been associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, depression, chronic kidney disease, gall stones etc . Glycemic Index (GI) is a measurement carried out on carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar. After 50

Surf faster with UC Browser !

    India is the land of cricket buffs.You know that IPL is on when you see the midnight oil burning in a home for months .You know that an Indo-Pak match is on when the streets are deserted even on a Sunday.You get it -We love Cricket ! I have also been an avid  cricket fan , though the nitty gritties of silly point has still been away from me yet I do enjoy watching a game of cricket .It gives you that thrill .All most  every adult in India  has played gully cricket at some point in his life , this is how crazy we are for the game ,it runs in our blood. But it becomes difficult to keep scores when you are out , on a metro or in the office .Earlier I remeber peple would be glued to their transistor radio sets when travelling and a whole crowd of cricket enthusiasts would gather around to hear the latest development in the ongoing match .People would cluster around T.V. sets and watch the proceedings . But with today's fast life , one can't afford to stay glued

My current Health and Beauty regimen inspired by Rewardme

Rewardme is a one stop solution website by P&G dedicated to Food, Beauty,Health and Family .It has wonderful articles which can solve some of our daily problems in a jiffy .After going through the website I decided to incoroprate  some of the tips in my daily routine and was amazed to see the positive effects within two weeks of starting it in terms of health, fitness and happiness too . Today I am going to share some of my current health and Beauty rituals for a healthier , fitter and glowing self which I gleaned from Rewardme . My day starts early at five in the morning with a glass of water with freshly squeezed Amla juice to aid in detoxification . I try to take in a few more glasses every half an hour to improve hydration . This is followed by a few Yogasanas to improve the mobility of the joints and stretch the muscles . During bath I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water to make a natural antibacterial wash . The skin care starts with washing my face with

Bachpan aur Khushi Ke Pal (Childhood and moments of Joy )

I remember my childhood ,we were always well behaved and disciplined children .The key word was discipline .Our parents were caring but there was always that hierarchy wherein the younger people of the family always had to heed the elders whether it be parents or siblings . We dared not question the decision of our elders leave aside disobey them .It was easier for us as we had brothers, sisters, cousins with him to share our lives and its various problems and seek their help . When I see today's children , most of the homes now have only two and sometimes only single child .In homes where the child is an only child , as parents we cannot expect to bring up our children in the way our parents brought us up , by which I mean that discipline cannot be the keyword in my relationship with my child since these only children do not have the luxury of the joint families and cousins to help them with growing up pangs .Not only the lack of the cushioning effect of a joint family , more

5 Skin Care tips for Oily skin that I learned from Rewardme website

My skin generally behaves well but there are days , like the current monsoon season when the best of skin can start misbehaving (read oily shine , acne, blemishes, tanning  etc. ).So it is  important to take care of the skin according to the seasons too .While surfing the net for products for oily skin , I came across a very useful article and thought that I should share it with all you girls (and boys) too .     Here is what I learned about  how to take care of my oily skin   (source 1)  from Rewardme , a website by P&G ,which contains all exclusive information and tips on Beauty, Food, Fashion, Home and Health. Here you can find access to products, ideas, inspiration and advice that will fill your day with rewarding moments every day . Cleansing , Exfoliating and Toning - Gentle Cleansing everyday is essential .Oily skin needs a products with benzoylperoxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid .But you could be senitive to some of them , so always c