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" Ramayana - The Game of Life : Stolen Hope " - An enthralling Read !

This book has been titled ''Ramayana - The Game of Life :Stolen Hope '.It has been authored by  Shubha Vilas  who other than being a qualified engineer and and a lawyer with specialization in patent law is also a  spiritual seeker and  a much sought after  motivational speaker  at institutes and universities across the world .                                                                            Price - Rs 299/- (Paper Back ) Thi is the third part of the Ramayana series by the same author . The  first part of this successful  series " The Rise of the Sun Prince "  narrates the story of Ayodhya and King Dasratha before the birth of Lord Rama going on to describe the tale of the birth of Lord Rama and ends at his subsequent marriage to Sita . The second part of this Ramayana series , " Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams " starts twelve years after the marriage of Lord Rama and Devi Sita .It starts with the plight and nig