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How To tackle your Teenager's Disdain

Hi Friends ! Here is a snippet of my article published on "'World of Moms ". Ever tried commenting upon your teenage son/daughter’s rather “different “hair do ? I am sure most of us have received  the same response .”Duh!”,”Chill Mom!” or even worse an “eye roll “or a dismissive shrug of the shoulders! The “Eye roll “, is the teenager equivalent of slamming the door in your face ,an act of shutting you out to get their personal space . Ever wondered why your little darling, adorable daughter suddenly changed into a monster? A monster,who knows how to bring out the worst in you and knows which buttons to push to drive you to the brink of insanity... Read the full article here 

Home Decor and Our Rich Cultural Heritage

India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our clothing, food,customs ,language,folk music and  literature .I think no other country has so much diversity than what India has to offer . I have always been proud of our rich and varied cultural heritage and what could possibly be a more suitable way of  expressing  your love and respect for the crafts of india than through handicrafts showcased in your home and thus adding to the home decor while giving it that distinct stamp of Indian-ness . Here are some  beautiful home decor ideas from Craftsvilla for sprucing up the home and adding that traditional touch to your homes : 1. Paintings - Your walls are that one space which catches the eye instantly and at the same time is easy to decorate .Madhubani paintings and art work made of embroidery like Phulkari, kantha etc on cloth are great ways to add colour and showcase our rich Indian handlooms .I even like the idea of cutting out and framing old silk sari pall