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Gelato Italiano - Ice cream minus guilt - Dessert Bar Review

Summer spells "Ice cream "at least for me !
There is nothing that is more pleasant than cold, sweet creamy ice cream on your palate on a hot -hot day.It instantly cools you down and gives a boost of energy .
But sadly,it also contains lots of empty calories because it contains about 12-24%  fat and many artificial colours and artificial flavours to give it that irresistible appeal .Also my little one gets a sore throat every time he has ice cream .So this time ,we decided to try a "Gelato " at the "Gelato Italiano"  in the Great India Place Mall ,Noida .Gelato Italiano is one of the pioneer brands of Gelatos in India. 

What is a Gelato?
Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream,with three major differences :
Firstly,a gelato has much less butterfat than ice cream’s typical 18 to 26 percent.  Because of the  lower butterfat percentage, gelato is less solidly frozen than ice cream and melts in the mouth faster thus hitting the taste buds immediately.

Sebamed facial cleansing foam review

My regular readers must be aware of my constant fight with adult acne .Hence I am always on the lookout for products that are more suitable to my changing requirements .This time I noticed I was getting frequent boils post threading and even otherwise after perspiring too much .So after some research I settled for this anti bacterial cleansing foam from Sebamed .

Presentation - It comes in a white plastic,pump bottle with a transparent cover .Since the product is a foam , you have to shake well the contents before dispensing it.

Price - Rs 630 for 150 ml .Available easily online and at chemists .
PROS of  Sebamed facial cleansing foam Easily available online as well as at medical stores .Sturdy pump bottle but the lid is not so reliable .It cleans regular oil and grime well to give a fresh and clean feel .Contains  Montaline C40, a coconut oil derivative which is a deep cleanser and helps in dissolving blackheads .Panthenol soothes skin and helps in improving complexion by fading marks…

Avene TriAcneal Skin care cream

The brand Avene has an interesting little story behind it.Avene is a small village in Southern France .It is the home to some natural thermal springs ,the medicinal properties of which were discovered in 1736 when the beloved horse of the  Marquis de Rocozel started suffering from a  very stubborn skin ailment and  a few swims in the thermal springs cured the horse . Ever since that day the place has been thronged by people who come to benefit from the healing powers of the thermal springs of Avene . All the Avene products contain this natural thermal water to help in healing of the skin .
Today I shall review a very successful product from Avene which I have been using for the last 2 years.Needless to say I am quite satisfied ,so here goes ...

I started using this when my skin was breaking out despite the best care .The other acne regimens were giving me sensitive and dry skin so after going through countless rave reviews I thought of giving it a try.It has now been replaced by New A…

A walk down Jama Masjid in the holy month of Ramadan

It had been quite sometime that I had been to the older part of the city which we also call "Purani Dilli ".So Me and hubby decided to take a walk down the Matia Mahal lane near Jama Masjid to let the kids also see and feel the atmosphere and sights during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan at Jama Masjid.
It was a food cum heritage walk sans any guide. It is a congested place and traffic restrictions were in place so we took a taxi that dropped us about 100 m away from Jama Masjid and then we walked on.

Jama Masjid was all lit up and you could see the minarets and the dome from a distance .It was a sight to behold the largest Mosque in India in its full glory.

The lanes and the market had festive look as they were all decked up and ready to welcome the fasting muslims streaming out of Jama Masjid after attending the special prayers.
Here are a few glimpses of the various shops that are famous for their wares and food.

Attar(perfume) and Surma (kohl)are two tools of vanity th…

Udta Punjab - Movie Review

All the censor board controversy about this film only piqued everyone's interest further because of which I too just had to watch it .Of course it has a great crew to boast of which another reason was.

This film is a hard hitting film based on the widely prevalent drug addiction in Punjab  and I really think the director and writers have done a good job .Shahid kapoor plays a troubled and cocky singer , Tommy Singh ,who is also a hardcore drug addict .
Alia Bhatt plays the role of a migrant worker who gets trapped in the drug trade trying to make some quick bucks and the mafia is then after her.She looks quite convincing but falters in the accent department.

Kareena Kapoor as Dr. Preet Sahni and Diljit Dosanjh as A.S.I.Sartaj Singh ,whose younger brother was an addict too,together fight the battle which turns out to be a dark and murky business with its tentacles spread wide and deep into politics and the police department .

The film is directed by Abhishek Chaubey the same direc…

A trip to the legendary Hotel Karim at Jama Masjid

With Ramadan mood in the air, I decided this was a good time to visit Jama Masjid and also experience the food at the legedary Hotel Karim there .Hotel Karim was once ranked among the "top hotels in Asia " by the Time magazine !

     Even if you have never been there , you can ask anyone and you will be lead to this small nook in Matia Mahal locality , where this Hotel is situated ,near the largest Mosque of India - The Jama Masjid in Delhi .                            

It turned out that it was not such a great idea to be there around Ramadan because the place was teeming with crowds and we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a seat .
The Ambience and Service 
The place is clean and devoid of any trimmings (typical to muslim run hotels ).It has no fuss plastic dishes and basic seating arrangements .No alcohol is served .
Once seated we placed our order and I was amazed that the waiter did not note anything down , he just penned it to memory and  we were served within an…

OpenHouse Cafe - restaurant review

Last night I was taking a stroll with a friend in Cannuaght Place (Rajiv Chowk), New Delhi and we could hear the strumming of guitar .Curious,we went around searching for the source of the music and came across this restaurant at C-37, Connaught Place, New Delhi .
Situated on the first floor ,it has two levels , the upper one as the name suggests being the open house with a terrace seating arrangement.It's a lounge like area with Sheeshas and wall mounted fans spraying jets of water to keep the temperature down .The atmosphere was electric and cool if you understand what I mean.It's a great place to unwind with friends .Though with the loud music, you can't have much of a conversation .

There were three menu and all three were extensive - The Bar Menu , The Food Menu and the Sheesha menu .

We ordered Budweisers and Meditarranean Crostinis for starters .I need to say that their starters are very generous .The crostini was buttery and crunchy with just the right amount of s…

Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel Review

Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel Hello Ladies!
Hope you all are enjoying the summer vacations! So here I am with another review for all of you. This time it is a shower gel from Nivea, one of my favorite brands .
Price - Rs. 185/- for 250 ml 
Packaging - It comes in a plastic pink tinted bottle with a white Flip open cap ,Sturdy enough to be carried in your gym bag without any fear of dripping or spilling .The packaging is definitely attractive .

PROS of Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel

1.Affordableand easily available everywhere as well as online.
2. Sturdy,travel friendlypackaging.
3. Contains tinypink drops of oilwhich are very soft.
4. Lathers easily. It has arunny consistencyso it is easy to take it out and work with it .
5. Rinses off easily too. With most moisturizing shower gels ,I have this complaint that they do not rinse off easily and the skin feels soapy even after rinsing off .This is not the case with Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel .
6.Beautiful but mild Waterlily fr…