Avene TriAcneal Skin care cream

The brand Avene has an interesting little story behind it.Avene is a small village in Southern France .It is the home to some natural thermal springs ,the medicinal properties of which were discovered in 1736 when the beloved horse of the  Marquis de Rocozel started suffering from a  very stubborn skin ailment and  a few swims in the thermal springs cured the horse .
Ever since that day the place has been thronged by people who come to benefit from the healing powers of the thermal springs of Avene .
All the Avene products contain this natural thermal water to help in healing of the skin .

Today I shall review a very successful product from Avene which I have been using for the last 2 years.Needless to say I am quite satisfied ,so here goes ...

I started using this when my skin was breaking out despite the best care .The other acne regimens were giving me sensitive and dry skin so after going through countless rave reviews I thought of giving it a try.It has now been replaced by New Avene Triacneal Expert in an emulsion form .


Price - Rs 1399/- for 30 ml . It sounds a little steep but I use it off and on and very little quantity is needed for the full face so I tube easily lasts about two months with regular use .

How to use - It is recommended to use it on cleansed skin ,preferably at night in a thin layer all over the face .Recommended cleanser by Avene is the Cleanance gel .Avene also recommends a mattifying moisturiser "Avene Cleanance MAT " to further control oiliness and clogged pores .

PROS of Avene TriAcneal Skin Care Cream
  1. I like the small but sturdy packaging in the white plastic tube with a thin nozzle ,so that you can easily squeeze out a small amount and it is easy to carry it because it is so light and small .
  2. Thick texture yet it's not difficult to work with .
  3. It has a soothing effect on the skin because of the thermal water ,hence reduces redness and irritation too giving an even complexion.
  4. Not at all oily or sticky , it has a matte finish on the skin .
  5. Works very well on acne with regular use,because of the Retinaldehyde and Glycol .It limits new breakouts and prevents residual marks .


CONS of Avene TriAcneal Skin Care Cream

  1. Not easily available offline 
  2. A bit pricey if you are looking at just acne care 
  3. Wearing a sunscreen is mandatory if you are using this product because it has a exfoliating action on the skin which can lead to sun damage and darkening of the skin as a consequence .
  4. Since it contains Retinol derivatives , it is not suitable for pregnant ladies .

FINAL VERDICT - Since I have already confided to using Avene Tricneal cream for the last two years , it is a foregone conclusion that I was satisfied with it and hence I rate it a 4.8/5 .


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    1. Yes,Avene produces some really good quality products.

  2. Thanks for sharing the valuable information here

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