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A trip down memory lane - My Visit to Mumbai and Shirdi

Mumbai holds a special place in my heart because this is the place where I spent my teenage years and somehow out of the so many cities that I visited so far,I still long for the vibrancy of Mumbai . After God blessed us with our second child,we wanted  to visit Shirdi to pay homage to Sai Baba .I know many would snigger at this but again there are some feelings that you just can't explain logically ....So when the opportunity arose ,we decided to take a trip from Delhi to Mumbai and further down to Shirdi and back to Delhi .Since kids were accompanying us,we did all the hotel bookings for Mumbai and Shirdi  in advance and then we booked Air India Airlines tickets and flew to Mumbai Once there,a prepaid taxi took us to our Hotel Ameya . Again,there were purely sentimental reasons to book that hotel .It was the place where I had stayed during my training before joining as a consultant for Dr. Batra's Chain of Homoeopathic Clinics .The brochure had looked promising enough b

Darshan Chaat Bhandar Review

      If you live in North East Delhi , chances are you might be aware of this little shop on a cart selling mouth watering Dahi Bhalla papdi ( a sweet,tangy and spicy indian snack made with fried lentil balls dipped in yogurt and served with green chutney and sauces with some crunchy fried wafers thrown in ).                                                           Location - Since it is a Thela (push cart) there is no permanent address ,but it is located near Rajpur Transport Authority ,on Rajpur road ,near 5/9 under Hill Road ,Delhi 110054 .This is an area close to Civil lines ,Delhi .                                      Price - Rs 60 per plate , they even pack it for you at an extra charge of Rs 10/- .I must say I was also very impressed with the neat and hygienic packing at par with Halidram's and Bikaner sweets . The portions are generous and a plate is a mini meal .                                        Ice in the curd not only helps to

Garnier Ultra Blends Nourishing Shine Shampoo - Henna and BlackBerry

                                     Garnier recently launched a new range of shampoos and conditioners -" The Garnier Ultra Blends Range " which claims to be a blend of natural oils and is Parabens free . They have four variants in this range - Royal Jelly and Lavender - Protects and Reconstructs  5  Precious Herbs -  Detoxifies and Revitalises Soy Milk and Almonds - Protein Rich damage Repair Mythic Olive  - Hydrates and Nourishes  Henna and BlackBerry - Boosts Shine and Illuminates  Price - Rs 120 /- for 180 ml I wanted to try the Five Precious Herbs blend but it was out of stock so I took the Henna and  Blackberry Ultra blend shampoo because I like rich black shiny hair . This blend contains Henna and Blackberry extracts, Henna has a  deep conditioning and nourishing effect that brings life to dull and dry hair and blackberries with their high concentration of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C makes your hair shine with life.                

Restaurant Review - Thaal Vaadi (The Thali Restaurant)

Being a vegetarian I mosty crib about the limited choices for a vegetarian when dining out .So I am on the look out for different tastes .This was my second visit to Thaal Vaadi , a thali (only platters served ) restaurant in the Great India Place Mall, Noida .                             They display their "Thali"menu at the  entrance so you can decide before entering if you want to give it a go. The place has dim lights , which I do not prefer by the way because I want to see my food well ( for insects for example!).The seating is comfortable.Mostly,the place is not crowded so reservations are not needed unless you have a big crowd with you .                             The menu generally consists of Chaat papdi type snacks for appetizers followed by a huge platter of assorted curries, rotis,puris and rice dishes, mostly of Gujarati and Rajasthani style.They also incorporate some popular vegetarian dishes like Paneer dishes which are not traditio