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Colorbar B.B. Cream- Vanilla Creme 001

A B.B. cream is actually a beauty balm or Blemish balm , which moisturises, offers sun protection and also gives some coverage .I had earlier reviewed the Colorbar BB cream - Honey Glaze 002  , and recently when I went to get the BB (blemish Balm ) cream ,I found some changes to the earlier presentation . So here goes my review ...
Price  - Rs 550/- for 29 gms / 1 U.S. Oz 
There are some superficial changes in the outer packaging ,which was earlier an Ombre shade going from the actual color of the BB cream to a silver finish .Now it has been replaced with a completely silver finish .
PROS of Colorbar bb cream- Vanilla Creme 001 Easily available Affordable , though compared to some other popular brands it may be expensiveAvailable in 4 shades (which is great considering many brands give only two options ) -Vanilla Creme, Honey Glaze,Cinnamon Swirl and White Light .Blends easily .It does not have a thick or runny texture , just about right texture that make sit easy to spread .Does not l…

Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner Review

I wanted to review this conditioner along with the shampoo review itself but was a bit occupied and could not do it but better late than never and so here is the review of Garnier Ultra Blends Blackberry and Henna Conditioner .

Price - Rs 75/- for 75 ml

PROS of Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner
Affordable and easily available Sturdy and travel friendly packagingEasy to work with, spreads easily on the hair shafts Mild fruity fragranceLeaves hair softer than without conditioner  
CONS of  Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner
I do not like the fragrance, good thing that it's mild and does not linger It does not make much of a difference to the hair texture ,I feel the hair is smoother to some extent but it is not a significant changeThe effect on my hair lasts hardly for one day 

FINAL VERDICT - I rate it a 3/5 .
I have generally skipped using this after using the Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna shampoo and I found that the effect was be…

Type 2 Diabetes - Its Causes and Treatment

Every year , more than one million people in India are dying of Diabetes , the silent killer .Earlier it was predominant in affluent and urban population but the rural and urban divide is slowly diminishing .Here is a general overview about this disease .
What is  Diabetes ?  Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high and lead to multiple organ involvement and even death .
The hormone insulin – produced by our pancreas – is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood .A decrease in the levels of Insulin causes Diabetes and results in increased blood glucose levels .

There are two main types of diabetes:Type 1 Diabetes – when the pancreas doesn't produce any insulin . Type 2 Diabetes – when the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin or produces sufficient Insulin but the body's cells don't react to insulin this is also called as Insulin resistance .

Symptoms of Diabetes - Symptoms of both Type 1 an…

You can do it,if you can dream it !

“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Dreams are important .They are important because they make us unique ,they make us what we are today and what we aspire to be tomorrow  and to some extent what we can achieve through our dreams .A life without dreams is like a plain sheet of paper ,it has no meaning , no significance !

I too have  a dream –That of going to Kailash Mansarovar .Not because of any deep rooted religious sentiments but because of the untouched serene beauty of that place .Maybe the fact that it is nestled at such high altitude is what has been its savior and has helped maintain its beauty and sanctity so far.It seems as if the clear, blue waters of the Mansarovar lake seem to beckon us humans to stop ,reflect and introspect upon the enormity of the  damage  that we have unleashed on this earth because of our greed .

Every few weeks after the rigmarole of the city life ,I feel this urge to pack my bags and "move away "from this…