Five Amazing Blouse Designs For Your Wardrobe

The Sari is a versatile piece of clothing .It just does not serve the function of covering up or give warmth and protection just like any other garment .It is a statement too. It can conceal, reveal, invoke respect or provoke desire, depending upon how you wish to drape it.

But the blouse is the most important part of the sari draping. A well fitted, rightly embellished blouse can make your look while an ill-fitting and wrongly selected blouse can ruin your look despite selecting the best and most expensive of the saris.

Getting a stylish and well-fitting blouse is not an easy task. You first need to get the matching material then look for a decent and skilled tailor who would give you the right fit and design and horror of horrors if it does not turn out the way you had visualized .Though nowadays you can get ready to wear blouses online too in all colours and styles .

I recently shared tips about some basic footwear every woman must possess; today I will be sharing certain blouse styles that will add a lot of charm and freshness to your saris .In fact you can wear the same saree with two different blouses and mix and match to create more variety .

    1. A heavily embroidered raw silk based blouse in Red or Black – These look good with light weight sarees with minimal work on the sarees except for an embroidered border on the sari .The best part is that these can be teamed up with any other saree for a party wear .You can even wear them like a waist coat with your Anarkali suits.


    2.   A plain Gold toned or sequined blouse – This blouse because of its rich fabric and gold tones is ideal for party wear and would go with most sarees that have golden work in the borders or pallu .If you are adventurous enough you can play around with different neck and back styles - give the upper half a sheer look at the neck line or go strappy .An interesting back or cut out back designs ups the style quotient immediately but make sure you keep the area to be highlighted well maintained .

Style 2 

3.    A contemporary blouse – Sarees for work are a great choice and I think these blouses that are easy to maintain and color blocked look great with simple linen and cotton sarees for work  not to mention that their slight stretch makes it fit even if you gain or loose some weight . I personally love linen sarees for their comfort and preferably get one in colour blocked style which add more color to the outfit and also makes it easier to pair with another similar colored saree .

Style 3 
4.    An off shoulder blouse – You just have not arrived on the saree scene if you do not possess an off the shoulder blouse .An off shoulder blouse instantly adds glamour to any saree and you all figure types can flaunt this style with panache .

Style 4 

5.Designer Blouse - Gone are the days when black or white blouses would be worn under any saree .Now the Blouse has become a bold fashion statement and you need a well crafted designer blouse to show off at weddings and parties .A blouse that does not need any further accessories in a shade that compliments your complexion and goes with your best sarees .

Style 5
Arm your wardrobe with these amazing blouses and all your saree woes will be sorted and you shall be the Belle of the Ball too !


  1. I have the style 2 blouse..the beaded one. However I am yet to wear it :D

  2. Sarees without glamorous blouses seem to be boring these days. Thanks for this post.

    1. I agree -the blouses have really become the centrepiece in ethnic wear and there is a plethora of designs online.

  3. This is so interesting. I think everyone should carry them in their wardrobe and you can be tentionfree!!

    1. That's what - 5 good pieces and you are sorted .

  4. I know a friend who will love this. Sharing it with her.

  5. These days blouses are more glamorous than the saree! I like trendy blouses

  6. Very pretty designs, Preeti! I love the designer and contemporary blouses!

  7. I would be trying style 5 blouse design when I get my next saree ready. Its gorgeous.


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