Lotus Herbals Rosetone Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner


Price - Rs 265 for 100 ml

Presentation - It comes packed in a clear plastic bottle with spray nozzle and a plastic cover .

What I liked  about Lotus Herbals Rosetone Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner

1. Affordable
2. Alcohol free
3.Transparent  bottle makes it easy to check how much product is left
4. Pleasant mild fragrance of roses that lingers
5. Does not dry out the skin after use
6.Can be used as a facial mist to refresh the skin on hot days
7. Did not give any burning sensation after applying.
8. My skin started looking clearer after one week of using it after my face wash

What I did not like about Lotus Herbals Rosetone Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner

1. It removes dirt and oil but not very effectively nor works on removing traces of makeup after a face wash , the face does not feel squeaky clean maybe because it is low on astringents .

2. I wish the spray mist was finer so that you could leave it on for refreshing the face ,but actually when you spray , the product kind of drips off the face making it mandatory to wipe it off .

3. I found it less effective in shrinking pore size .

FINAL VERDICT - I rate it a 3 /5 . Nice fragrance , alcohol free are what worked for me but I won't be buying it again because it was not very effective in cleansing my oily skin or removing the last traces of makeup .


  1. I have used Lotus’ products before and loved them..this sounds good too!
    Will give a try!

    1. Well if you do not have seriously oily skin, it could work well for you .

  2. I think i need one now.. Thanx?!!

    1. Hey Prakhar , Beauty is no more the prerogative of females

  3. Already knew about it. But details are much more important. Even though, I do not use the product but still i find it good.

  4. I was hoping it'd help remove the oil in oily skins.. but unfortunately it doesn't. So i'll probably skip it. Thanks for your review

  5. Thanks for reviewing the product after using it by yourself

  6. All the reviews are based on my personal experience.


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