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Winter Menu at Chaayos - The Chai Cafe

Most tea lovers are acquainted with Chaayos.Chaayos is a Chai cafe Chain where each Chai is handcrafted and made upon order and can be further personalised . The variety of teas on offer ranges from Indian old favourites like Kulhad Chai and Kashmiri Kahwa to relatively new Specialty Chais like Honey Ginger Lemon Chai and Golden Green Chai !           Winter Menu tasting at Chayos, M bLock ,CP.I was greeted by the very affable and dynamic  Mr.Gurmeet Singh .He was the one who informed me that this  outlet is the largest and most spacious outlet in the whole of Delhi NCR .Other than the cheerful and colourful interiors it has another attraction for the young crowds - Free Wifi ! Now what can be better than sipping on your favorite tea and also enjoying free connectivity ! Chaayos have introduced their new “Winter Menu ”  keeping in mind the north Indian winters, foods that will warm the palate and the cockles of the heart both.They have introduced 9 new produc

How to Choose the best Air Purifier

With air pollution touching new highs in Delhi and PM2.5 (Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in size that can penetrate the lungs and cause damage ) levels almost at hazardous levels and normal surgical masks being useless against pollution;getting an air purifier at your home and office is no more a luxury or a fad . Indoor pollutants are generally the ones that cause more harm since that is where we spend the chunk of our time. Read more about indoor pollution here . Air purifiers are devices that clean the indoor air by removing suspended impurities such as dust particles, pollen, smoke and other airborne allergens. They help in providing less contaminated air, though many companies also claim that their purifiers reduce allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Air purifiers cost anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 95,000. Common Contaminants in the Indoor air Pollen - (Average size 5-100 microns) - Having a green cover near your house is great for photograp