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Goa Diaries - What you must do when in Goa

Goa is the most sought after holiday destination in India and it was on my bucket list for a long time.After umpteen deliberations about the dates we finally set out for a get away to Goa.We went there in the month of August, when the rains were ebbing and you get relatively less crowds . October to March is the peak tourist season in Goa.                                         We flew down to Goa from New Delhi by Indigo Airlines (cause it’s the cheapest ) and reached  in just two and half hours.Our hotel had offered free pick and drop from the airport and the moment we touched the Goa airport, I received a call from the taxi driver  informing me that he was waiting for us outside the airport and also gave us the details of the vehicle .Within fifteen minutes ,we reached our hotel – Joet’s Guest House on Bogmolo Beach,Goa .                                         We had access to the swimming pool at  Joet's sister concern - The Coconut Creek Resort  At first glanc

It's #CuttingPaani Time NOW

             ( #CuttingPaani is an initiative by Livpure ,the market leader in RO purifier , to raise awareness about water conservation in India  ) Some of you might laugh and smirk about the concept of  'CuttingPaani ' but I am sure most would agree that water conservation is no laughing matter .The increasing  population, improved living standards, changing consumption and needs, and expansion of area under irrigation combined with climate change (read  droughts or floods), deforestation, increased pollution, and wasteful use of water are all contributing  to the  rising global demand for water and water scarcity . SCARY WATER FACTS   1. An adult residing in an  urban area needs about  126 Litre of water per day. 2. Of all the water on Earth ,only 2.5 – 2.75% is fresh water. 3. Out of the total fresh water on Earth , 1.75 -2% is frozen in glaciers and beyond use.That leaves a         mere 0.014% of all water accessible for human use. 4. One in eight peopl