Eight Tips to Beautiful Hair in Summers

Our hair is exposed to and affected by many environmental pollutants every day. Apart from chemical treatments and chlorine water which cause harm to hair, sunlight and UV radiation also causes a lot of damage.

In summer, as the temperature rises, hair undergoes lot of changes due to UV radiation. Loss of hair pigment results in paler hair which appears dull and lacks the sheen. UV rays remove moisture content from the hair shaft making it dry, brittle and easily breakable. The protein content in the hair gets altered making it frizzy and easily breakable.


Hair that has been bleached, colored, straightened and chemically treated or exposed to chlorine is more susceptible to damage due to UV radiation. Both UVA and UVB can penetrate, absorb and change the structure of your hair permanently.

Other skin conditions such as Seborrheic Keratoses, moles etc. may appear on the scalp due to bad effects of chronic exposure to the sun.

seborreic keratosis - a wart like growth on
the skin (source-dermquest.com)

1) Dry and brittle hair 
2) Dull hair which looks lighter than before
3) Loss of hair
4) Split ends
5) Prematurely grey hair
6) Growths on the scalp and near hairline
7) Frizzy hair
8) Flaky, itchy skin on scalp.
9)  Hair that doesn’t grow much in length
10) Hair that tangles easily and is difficult to comb

EIGHT TIPS to keep your scalp and hair healthy and shiny in summers 
1. WASH - Regular hair washes with mild shampoo, making sure you rinse off well, applying a conditioning agent suitable for the hair type.Avoid harsh chemical-based shampoos that contain harmful Parabens and Sulphates which zap the moisture from the hair. Avoid chemical hair colours as it causes itchy skin and pigmentary issues. Hair follicle infection or folliculitis can occur if hygiene is not maintained, especially in those who sweat a lot as excessive sweat and oil encourages  bacterial growth.
Livon Moroccan Silk Serum With Suncreen and MutliVitamins

Washing the hair and scalp at least 3 to 4 times a week also helps rid of lice and dandruff which worsen hair fall.
Post hair wash, you can use a hair serum with multivitamins and sunscreens.


2. NO to BLOW DRY - Drying of hair with a dryer is not advisable as it produces air bubbles inside the hair shaft due to the heat which makes it break easily. 


3. OIL - Oiling hair once in a while acts as great conditioning agent. Cold pressed Coconut oil has a wonderful role in conditioning hair and protecting it from chlorinated water and UV radiation. Apart from applying oil, rinsing the scalp and hair of all chlorine from the swimming pool and applying sunscreens go a long way in protecting hair.
4. FOLLOW  RAJINIKANTH - Cool shades is synonymous with Rajinikanth and summer is the perfect season to “do a Rajinikanth” if we may say for your hair.

Don’t be.
You need to protect and shade your hair from the sun with all its glory as this summer it’s out to get your beautiful mane.
     (source -http://pdwallpaper.blogspot.in)

Covering the hair while outdoors with a scarf or a hat and applying sun-protective sprays and gels help to prevent the UV-related damage.  A little known fact is that sun burns can occur on scalp too especially where hair distribution is thin. Sunscreens are now available for the hair too as sprays and this can protect one from harmful rays.

When choosing the right sunscreen, the points to look for a good UVB and UVA protection  and a physical block. Just an SPF indicator of the UVB protection does not determine the  overall effectiveness of the sunscreen.
Colour your hair with Caution

5. COLOUR  WITH CAUTION - When coloring hair, take precautions to choose the right  one, especially if the scalp and skin is sensitive. The best way to find out is to do a test patch on the skin and then apply on scalp.

Diet play an important role in hair health too


6. GORGE on healthy foods - Eating healthy plays a great role on health of hair and scalp.  Food groups rich in vitamins and minerals like green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains,  and proteins; food groups rich in omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, salmon, fish and  almonds are good.


7. DRINK UP  - Consuming a good amount of water according to body weight, is a good way to  re  hydrate internally. Physiologist Sharon E. Griffin suggests that you drink a half ounce of  fluid  per day for every pound of body weight which is roughly 36 ml per Kg body weight.
Hair fall can indicate underlying disease

 8. CONSULT  A DOCTOR - Our scalp often indicates our health. When it gets oily too often  can be an indicator of hormonal imbalance, when dry and flaky, it is indicative of fungal  infections. Dry brown and brittle hair can indicate hemoglobin deficiency and other  nutritional deficiencies.Loss of hair can be due to various reasons for which a consultation with a doctor can bring  forth the causes and treatment options available.


  1. This is such an elaborate post n the information that you have shared is really useful. Thanks for sharing ��

  2. These are so nice tips like the way you have explained , specially the rajnikant point. Every tip is must to be followed.

    1. Yes,these tricks help in making your point easily,Thanks!

  3. Wish you had written this blog post 10 years back, Wish I had read it then and wish I would have had shiny wavy hair left on my head with all these beautiful tips.. :)

    1. That's not so bad, pass on the knowledge to your dear ones.After all sharing is caring !

  4. Instead of combing your hair after you've dried off, liberally apply conditioner, and comb it through your hair while still in the shower. 1 inch curling wand


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