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Fragrance Review - Calvin Klein OBSESSED EDT for Men

  I am back with another fragrance review from the house of Calvin Klein.This is a relatively new Fragrance launched in 2017   and the nose behind this perfume is  Ilias Ermenidis ( the nose behinf Givenchy pour Homme, Gucci by Gucci Mustang ,Vera Wang Princess  etc.) and  Christophe Raynaud ( the nose behind Azarro Now Men, Cacharel Yes I Am and Antonio Banderas The Secret).                                                                                             PRICE - I actually got it as a gift sample but you can also get it at for Rs 3875/- for 75 ml and also Rs 5450 for 100 ml. This is how tiny this Obsessed by Calvin Klein looks ! PRESENTATION   A clear, glass rectangular oval flacon which goes with the brand's unisex image.It has the rectangular shape depicting masculinity but rounded smooth edges showing a softness too. The clear white bottle gives the impression that this fragrance is apt for summer and day wear .                        

Wine Tasting - The SULA Riesling 2017

Moliere ,The famous French poet had once said ,“Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book and a good friend.” I guess then, I am definitely among the blessed and thank you God! I was introduced to wine long back (when my Father was posted overseas) but have seriously started appreciating the taste and flavors of wine only recently. Turning another leaf in my wine tasting journey, today I shall be reviewing the “Sula Riesling” for my readers.                                        Sula Riesling (source Before I venture into the tasting, I am tempted to share a few wine facts first. WINE DRINKING IN INDIA  With evolving times drinking wine has become acceptable and fashionable in our society and the fairer sex is no exception to the trend but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that wine was a popular drink in India even centuries ago. In the Rig- Veda we find mention of wine. Grog shops were in existence then.