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You Deserve Better – Find your mate through #Okcupid

We all wish to lead happy and fulfilling lives but sometimes our circumstances do not let that happen. With increasing urbanization there has been a rise in migration maybe to pursue better education or better career prospects .At the same time there has been a spurt of unlimited social opportunities around us, and we might feel left out when we do not have a special social connection while others flaunt theirs on social media. This leads to a feeling of being isolated and lonely amidst the chaos of the urban jungle, basically an uneasy combination of being exposed and isolated both at the same time.                                              (Image source – )                                           Loneliness is an acutely painful state that can feel very embarrassing and uncomfortable to live in. In fact, according to Gretchen Rubin, the celebrated author of “The Happiness Project”-“One major challenge within happiness is loneliness “. Loneliness should

Book Review - A Dowryless Wedding

Price – Rs 399/- Pages  - 225  About the Author                                                This is the debut novel of Dr. Merlin Franco, a P.H.D. in Ethnobotany from who is an Ethnobiologist from Kanyakumari district of India and is currently based in the beautiful island of Borneo studying the  relationships between people, languages and biological diversity of the Island. An avid dancer,he dreams of a utopian society when he is not working in the woods. The Cover –The cover itself bears a humorous take on dowry, with a garland made of Rs. 2000 notes, roses and a car dangling from the center. There is no acknowledgment about the artist but it was a very appropriate cover. The BOOK                                            This book is a brilliant and hilarious take on the custom of giving dowry from the male’s perspective.The Book has strong autobiographical influences as the main character Dr.Franklin (distorted to Pranklee lovingly by his Tamil Mom) is