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There was a time we Indians used natively grown Mustard Oil ,Ground nut Oil ,Coconut and Palm Oil for most of our cooking needs , but this changed gradually and now the market is seeing a predominance of Sunflower oil ,Soy Bean and palm oil because of a lot of factors coming into play mainly inadequate production that fails to meet the burgeoning demands of our exploding population. The focus of this article is Palm Oil because this is the cheapest Oil available in the market.Even though it is cheap , it has been hit by controversies some of them now proven baseless. WHAT IS PALM OIL AND WHAT ARE ITS USES Palm oil comes from the fleshy fruit of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis ).The palm fruit yields two types of oil, one from the fruit and other from the nutty kernel. Both have different nutritional characteristics.The Palm oil that comes from the palm fruit, is completely cholesterol free. Moreover it has a saturated fat content of 50% as compared to coconut oil which has 85% so

Nick of time 30 % Shea Butter and 70% Petroleum Jelly

My Instagram followers might be aware of the NickofTime brand when I had reviewed their  African Coffee Blend  .After trying the coffees (do try their Ethiopian and  Indian Coffee - yumtastic ! ) I ventured to try their skin care range which includes products made from Original African Shea butter. I shall be sharing my experience of  Nick of Time  30 % Shea butter Petroleum Jelly , a skin protectant .                                                            This product has 30%Shea Butter and 70% Petroleum Jelly PRICE  - Rs 350 for 40 gms is the M.R.P. but I got it for Rs 150 /- only (57% discount) from their website  WHAT I LOVED about The Nick of Time 30 % Shea Butter and 70%  Petroleum Jelly  1. I really loved the great discount for the quality and quantity - this is a steal ! 2. The fact that it is sourced from Original and Pure Shea butter from Africa 3. The fact that is works so well on all skin types and is suitable and gentle enough for babies 4. K