Restaurant Review : Saatvik - Proudly Vegetarian


Sattvik is a purely Vegetarian restaurant and is conveniently located in Select Citywalk, Delhi,so parking and getting there is not a challenge.

Sattvik is derived from the Sanskrit word "Sattva " which mean pure, ethical ,clean etc. and  Sattvik food is meant to cleanse, nourish and empower the body and the soul.


The sari-clad pretty lady attending  the front desk greeted us warmly, offered Hand rub Sanitizer and did a temperature check before guiding us to our table.The tables were suitably placed to maintain social distancing keeping in mind the Pandemic situation.


We loved the classy fine -dine ambience ,the chandeliers gave just enough light that brightened up the place yet kept the mood inviting and cosy enough for a conversation.The light wood interiors with  accents in a lovely turquoise colour added to the appeal of the place.



We had Avocado Toast and Dahi ke kebabs for starters .


The  toast was topped with guacamole , black olives and toasted pumpkin seeds - this was just okay for me in terms of flavours.Somehow the olives and pumpkin seeds did not go well together for me.


The Dahi ke kebabs were quite good and the Dahi tasted very fresh too which was a big highlight for me.The fried crisp outside and the fresh burst of flavour hung curd -awesome.The accompanying mint chutney was perfect too.

Main Course 

For the main course,we had Dal-E-Sattvik , Paneer Moksha and Garlic Naans.


The Dal-E-Sattvik was basically yellow Arhar dal made in a very Sattvik style (no onion ,garlic tadka on top) and yet it had that earthy flavour and the right consistency. I have to compliment Chef Gunjan Kumar for this , the North Indian food had me feeling nostalgic and going ga-ga specially the Dal topped with Desi ghee !

A must try for all yellow dal lovers.


The Paneer Moksha was tasty and had generous chunks of paneer in an onion-tomato gravy and thankfully no excess grease.


The Garlic naans were fresh , warm and thin ( one of the thinnest naans I have had ) and very flaky and delicious. 


We also had Asian Chili Manchurian Bowl with noodles and the flavours were great.The Tofu was flavourful and the noodles were very good but the thin and crisp spring rolls could do with more filling.


Even though we were stuffed to the brim thanks to their very generous serving portions,I can never say 'No ' to a dessert ,so we settled for  Pan and Kesar Phirni.


The phirni was served with a green Pan leaf which made for a pleasant sight and every mouthful filled the mouth with delightful saffron flavours , it had the right amount of sweetness and the pistachios added a bit of texture to this dish.


Upon Chef Gunjan Kumar 's insistence we tried the Gulab jamuns too .The Gulab jamuns were served with rabri and were just enough warm and melt in your mouth !

Both desserts won our hearts .

Final Verdict 

It was  very satisfying meal and it was not just food that made your tastebuds happy but also feeds your soul and makes the heart happy! 

Though they do serve some Italian and Pan-Asian dishes ,Sattvik shines when it comes to North Indian cuisine. 


As the name suggests , no alcohol is served though they do have some great mocktails like the Kokum based tangy drink I had.

I recommend reserving your table in advance to avoid getting disappointed.

Address - S 5, 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi

Phone - +911140599913 , +911140599911 ,+919899972159


  1. Ohh my God. I am drooling. First the name of the restaurant then the food. Daal-E-Saattvik. Loved it. Yesterday I was craving for naan and paneer and enjoying it while sitting in a restaurant. Wish I was there.

  2. Ben g a big foodie myself all that food made my mouth water. I just love Dahi ke kebabs as a starter. Soft and delicate flavours.

  3. Wow, those avocado starters are something new. And that dal looks yumm. Being a desi foodie, I'd love to try them considering they're good with North Indian.

  4. Not fair at all..Citywalk and Saatvik is in delhi and I am drooling here in South India..its been ages since I ate out. Saatvik looks like a great eat out; especially the avocado toast and Asian bowl is to die for.

  5. Yes even I prefer reserving a table especially now a days. That started looks too yummy. Hopefully I'll get to try it someday!

  6. Saatvik no doubt serves delicious north Indian food. Your description n pics are nice. Paan firni looks yum

  7. The ambiance looks really beautiful and the food is also looking delicious.. very nice place to eat..

  8. The place looks so good and the ambience is perfect for family gatherings. I liked the gulag jamun dish, different shape too

  9. Wow food is looking really delicious. Thanks for sharing your honest review. Will keep your recommendation in mind whenever get a chance to visit Delhi.

  10. Saatvik definitely seems a go-to place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians like me who love to relish food. Would definitely like to suggest this place to my friends in Delhi.

  11. I always look for one. Especially my MiL is very particular about restaurant being pure vegetarian. Hope to get one suggestions from you for Bangalore also.

  12. The food looks good and that triangle gulab jamuns looks like an amazing combination with rabri, never tried this combination though, but surely it will be melt in mouth as you said. Thanks for sharing your honest review. Will try them next we go to citywalk

  13. Wonderful article. Fascinating to read. I love to read such an excellent article. Thanks! It has made my task more and extra easy. Keep rocking.


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