Book Review : Finding Your Way by Drake Taylor

I am sure at some stage in life, you all must have reached a point when it seemed you may have hit rock bottom and there is no one you can turn to. Just in case you are one of the lucky ones to not have faced that misfortune, I still urge you to read on because this book is a game-changer and helps you in getting a better grip on your life and sets you on the path of realizing your dreams.

Title: Finding your way: How to Navigate Yourself Back from Depression, Personal Crisis, & Life's Mistakes

Author: Drake Taylor

Price: INR 585/- for the kindle version ( that is the only version available)

Genre: Self Help, Motivational, Mental Health, Life Skills

File size: 4694 KB

About The Author 

 Drake E Taylor was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Drake majored in Criminal Justice and later on became a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. 

He has earlier penned 'The four hats of leadership ' which established him as a motivational writer.

The Cover  



The cover is a picture of the Author Drake Taylor emerging victorious out of a green maze of hedges, which conveys the message powerfully. It conveys that this book is about how to negotiate the web of life successfully.

Things that I loved about Finding your Way by Drake Taylor 

1. Affordable pricing and available in kindle version

2. Simple and Non -technical language, no heavy words and long sentences here.

3. You feel connected to the author when he talks about how to navigate yourself back from Depression, Personal Crisis, & Life's Mistakes.

Drake starts his narration by sharing his "darkest day '' with the reader and showing us how human and vulnerable he was when he was bereft of his best friends and undergoing heartache. To us, people in the Armed forces are supposedly strong, rugged man and we see them as symbols of strength Drake shows us that we all are humans. That every one of us goes through these dark moments of self-doubt when the future seems bleak and you feel it is worthless to fight anymore and surrendering seems easier.

Drake does not preach from a high pedestal, he talks eye to eye like a friend which makes his book something everyone can relate to.

4.The author does his homework well and his book has all the right words of advice for anyone who has hit a roadblock. In his own words, this book is his " sincere effort to help people who, like me, are facing an extremely difficult or challenging time in life."

He has put in years of research and practical experience in this book and shared the essence of that with his readers.

5. Practical tips. In the prologue itself, Drake asks the reader to sit down with a journal and pen before reading further. Drake urges you to not only read but act upon his words if you really wish to make that upward journey.

6. The "Tool kit " provided by Drake towards the end of this book,is a gem!

It comprises 7 chapters that include Self-Reflection Questions, Reading List, Workout Routine, Dietary Suggestion, and even a chapter on inspirational quotes to keep the morale high!

7. I really liked the idea of creating a forgiveness journal and letting go of the past bitterness.

Things that did NOT work for me 

1. While Drake keeps it simple and practical, it seems more like a drill exercise and manual, which may not be a bad thing actually. He has been a man of action and believes in action! But what works for him may not work for all , not always.

2. The price is a bit high considering the thin volume and being an E-book 

3. It is only available in E-book format currently so many people may not find it accessible.

4. Though the language is simple enough for me, people not well versed in English may miss having the word wise (dictionary) option in this version of this book.

Final Verdict - I rate it a 4/5, this is a practical manual about overcoming depression and tiding over the odds in life, and getting on track to achieve your potential. A book that will always be a good companion and friend in need for you. 

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  1. Seems a nice book on today's traumatic life and it's nuances. Such a well laden review! ❤️

  2. I am a big fan of self help books as they give a direction and help in solving day to day problems. I really like the idea of forgiveness journal. it is really great way to take out bitterness of past experiences from your life.

  3. Looks like a good book for motivation. But I didn't understand if it was affordable or on the higher side. Please let me know. Thanks.

  4. What a detailed review. As it is in e-book..i will get it on my kindle and read it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. In current times mental health has been in focus. This is a good time to educate ourselves about the symptoms and use some regular advice. Thanks for the review.

  6. Well I think I would love to give it a read as the book offers solution for mental solace. As you said it offers practical solutions so yes that is how I feel for this book. Thanks for your book review.

  7. This seems like a practical book for today. When we let go past bitter experiences and keep moving forward, then no one can stop us from leading a happy and fulfilling life.

  8. Self-help books that come from personal experience always seem to connect better. Since it is an ebook and thin, I'll definitely read this soon. Good review!

  9. This book looks like good to grab and read. I am not so very fond of books but few topics I always love to read and this is among one of that.

  10. What a wonderful review. Heading on my Kindle app to check the book right away.

  11. Books with a message should have a lucid language and as you mentioned in the review that language is simple to understand. Shall look for this book as I like reading self-help books.

  12. This book seems quite helpful for the ones who are more into self help and also loves to look within ourselves to grow better in life. I will surely check this for a friend who loves such books.

  13. Mental health is really important and should be taken care. This books looks really nice would surely check out this one

  14. This sounds like a wonderful self help book. I like the title and the book cover too. A friend of mine is going through an extremely difficult phase in life, I think this will helpful for her. Thanks for the review!

  15. I am not a big fan of self help books as I too feel what works for one may not fit the other. Everyone has a different situation and take on it.

  16. self motivation and mental health books are such important books to keep to motivated in your tough times and especially after 2020. I am going to get tthis one soon

  17. Yours is a well drafted comprehensive review. The fact that you have inculcated your inputs made it interesting to read

  18. Wonderful article. Fascinating to read. I love to read such an excellent article. Thanks! It has made my task more and extra easy. Keep rocking.


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