How to protect yourself from TB

24th of March is observed as World Tuberculosis Day and this Day is even more significant for us in India because out of the total number of TB cases in the world, about one-fourth live in India alone.

According to WHO, In 2019, 1.2 million children fell ill with TB globally. Child and adolescent TB is often overlooked by health providers and can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Tuberculosis or TB is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.                             
TB does not spread by touching an infected person or by sharing food or water.

When a TB-infected person, coughs, sneezes, or speaks, the bacteria are released into to air. When the people nearby inhale the bacteria they become infected.

A lot depends on the immunity of the person inhaling otherwise the situation could have been worse.

Symptoms of TB

The infection of TB may be latent (hidden ) or Active.

In latent TB there are no symptoms but skin prick tests can show evidence of TB

A person with Active TB may have the following symptoms:

1. persistent cough that lasts for at least 3 weeks.

2.They may have blood-tinged sputum

3.Chills with mostly fever towards the evening

4. loss of appetite and weight loss 

5. Night sweats and chest pain with cough 

6. T.B. when affecting areas other than the respiratory system can also cause abdominal pain, joint pain, seizures, persistent headache, and swollen glands. Pelvic TB often causes infertility.

Diagnosis of TB


1.Skin Prick test (Mantoux test )

2. X-ray Chest 

3. Blood tests - including CBC, Gamma interferons Release assay

4. Sputum tests for the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Treatment of TB

Till a few decades back, TB was a leading cause of death in India and the world but now it is completely curable when detected early.

Treatment for latent TB involves taking antibiotics and for active TB the affected person needs to take a combination of many drugs for a period of nine months. 

Unfortunately, there are several other strands of the TB Bacteria that are proving difficult to cure because of drug resistance. The treatment for drug-resistant TB is more complicated.

How can you protect yourself from TB

1. Stop smoking , smoking increases the risk of TB and also chances of recurrence of infection after treatment.

2. Eat healthy. A good and strong immune system is the best guarantee against many disease including TB

3. Regular  exercises like running, cycling, jogging, pranayama etc. are good for the lung function and keep the respiratory system healthy.

4. Do not ignore a persistent cough or fever that lasts more than 21 days.

Role of Homeopathy 

Homeopathy can help at multiple levels.

It can help with improving the immunity of the patient and helps in 

1.Controlling the spread of disease

2. Helps in faster response to antibiotics by improving immune response

3. Helps in  combatting the bad effects of the TB drugs on liver and kidney

4. In drug-resistant TB Homeopathy can help as a supplementary therapy where antibiotics alone are less effective.

Remember, timely diagnosis and proper treatment are the keys to the cure of Tuberculosis.



  1. Are you a homeopath? just feeling curious to know after reading post. yes, TB is a serious disease and maintaining a good level of immunity by healthy diet and exercise can help a lot in providing protection against it.

  2. Wow I'm hearing about TB after school days when we learn about it. Good to see your post. Will pin it just in case. Thanks.

  3. These days we have to be so careful. Immunity should be high priority. Your tips on protection from TB are very useful. I am keeping a note of everything you have shared on the post for reference.

  4. It is heartening to know that awareness around TB is growing in India and it can be completely cured with early detection. This post was informative.

  5. I havent read such a simplified article about TB. I could actually understand most aspects of it. Thanks for highlighting the role of Homeopathy in tackling TB.

  6. Knowing the symptoms is must to cure it. I haven't read about TB lately. You have explained in such an easy language.

  7. How true, till few years ago TB would be a fatal scare. Thanks to advancements in medical science it can now be cured. Good and informative post. Homeopathy is a good option.

  8. This is one of the serious matter and problem we need to talk and take proper precaution. Thanks for sharing such insightful post!!

  9. TB is a very serious disease and sometimes if taken lightly can cause severe effects. Healthy diet is a must.

  10. Proper knowledge can surely save the world from many mis-happenings. Your post is so detailed and shares awareness on TB, early knowledge can avoid huge loss of life.

  11. TB has indeed been a diseases thats prevalant in the country and smoking adss to it. This is a very informative post on all the aspects of TB and how to protect ourselves.

  12. Thanks for sharing this information it's really helpful for many and many people goes through the illness and it's good to be cured in early stages

  13. Thank you for spreading awareness about TB. TB is a serious condition and because it could be in the latent state too, it's important that people should know the symptoms and when to take the action. I will share the article further in my friend circle.

  14. Tb is a very dangerous illness and one needs to have a very strong immunity and life style to fight it. You have simplified and explained it so nicely.

  15. Wasn't aware that there is a day dedicated to TB. Glad it is and thank you for enlightening us with all the information on the subject and talking about homeopathic solutions too.

  16. I know a few people who contracted TB. It was a shock to know that the disease is still there. By and large, the awareness is what would help.


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