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Why is #COVID19 associated with so much Social Stigma ?

As  some of you might already know, yours truly is a doctor by profession and as a frontline worker it was no wonder that I too contracted the COVID infection during the peak of the pandemic. Having the infection taught me a lot about the COVID infection and I gained some fresh perspective too. Today I wish to share those insights through my COVID story with you all. I remember the date was 22nd April 2021 , it was a sultry afternoon when  coming back home from work, I felt very tired and weak. I attributed it to the hot Delhi weather but it was unusual for me to feel so much fatigue. The next day I woke with a slight fever which made me  suspicions that I might be coming down with the Big C .I got myself tested the next day , but the RT-PCR report came only  three days later and as I suspected , I was COVID positive . During the first  COVID 19 wave, the Delhi government had put up posters in front of the homes of the infected person informing the general public  that a person residin