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                                          The book “Thirteen Reasons Why” gained a lot of attention when Netflix started streaming a series based on it. I have not seen the series yet so I cannot comment on the similarities between the book and the series but let us leave that for another time and focus on the book itself for today. Title - Thirteen Reasons Why Author – Jay Asher  No. of Pages – 288 Price – INR 262/- for paperback , INR 174/0 for kindle edition Publication – Penguin UK Genre - Mystery, Young adult Romance, Realistic Fiction It is a fast paced book that deals with coming of age, friendship and sexuality.  The opening pages announce the arrival of a mysterious box, the size of a shoebox, at Clay Jensen’s home. The sender is his classmate and crush Hannah Baker. Sadly for Clay, Hannah committed suicide just two weeks before the box arrived. The box contains audiotapes made by Hannah and the first tape starts with Hannah explaining the “Thirteen Reasons why ” she was p