La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 Review

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Your favorite doctor blogger is so happy to be bouncing back to life after fully recovering from COVID-19 infection (I do not wish to bore you with the details of that difficult phase but if you still are curious, I have shared My COVID Story Here ).

Post Covid , my skin became even more sensitive I started getting skin irritation, acne and hyperpigmentation (skin darkening ).My regular sun screen was irritating my skin even more so I went looking for something better suited. Today I bring to you another honest review of a relatively new launch in the sun care segment - La Shield Urban Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel.


Price and Packaging - INR 280/- for 50 gram 

The La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel comes in a very attractive bright Yellow and blue coloured plastic tube packaging .This packaging is easy to carry, has less product wastage , and is more hygienic too. It has flip top cap which shuts properly so there are no accidental spills.

What I loved about La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel 

1. It is easily available at most cosmetic shops or chemists and of course online.

2. The price is pocket friendly , but let me tell you that one needs more of this product for even coverage.

3.The consistency is more liquid so it spreads easily, which is a relief because some products have such thick textures that getting an even coat is a pain.

4.It has dual sun protection both against UVA  and UVB.UVA has a deeper penetration and causes more skin damage, premature ageing (photo ageing )and wrinkles. UVB is responsible for causing  sunburn and hyperpigmentation. Both can cause skin cancer but UVB has a larger role to play in skin cancers like melanomas.


Most sunscreens protect only against UVB rays and offer only Tan Protection mentioned as PA +, PA++or PA+++ etc. 
La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel contains both physical and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens form a physical barrier over the skin that reduces the penetration of harmful UV rays into the skin. Physical sunscreens are more suitable to sensitive skins but can leave the skin with a whitish cast. It protects better from UVA rays.
Chemical sunscreen act by being absorbed into the skin and reducing the absorption of UV rays by the skin , they also do not leave a whitish ghostly cast on the skin surface.

5. La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel is quiet moisturizing too , skin does not feel dry.

6. It does seem to protect well against tanning too.

Some not so great things about the La Shield Expert Urban Protect Sunscreen Gel 

1. Considering that you need quite a lot of product for protection , this ends up being on the expensive side as 50gm will not last more than 15 days even when I am applying it only to the face. 

2. It does leave a white cast for initial 10 minutes but that settles down 

3. It makes my skin quite oily in the humid hot weather 

4.The chemical sunscreens are not great for sensitive skin and the environment.


I find it protects my skin better from tanning, burning and hence ageing , it is moisturizing too but at the same time it makes my skin super greasy in this hot sultry weather. Also it is slightly expensive so I might switch back to my earlier favourite sunscreen and leave this for use in winters.

I rate it a 3.5/5

Which sunscreen do you recommend for oily and sensitive skin ?

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  1. Sorry to hear that you got covid and hope you have a full recovery soon. Thanks for the detailed and honest review.

  2. I did not heard about this brand before dear. but looking like a great sunscreen with 50 plus SF factor. I liked the fact that they it contain both physical and chemical sunscreens.

  3. I am using this sunscreen since a long time now and loved the quality. You have given a nice review on it.

  4. Sunscreen is so important for taking care of the skin regularly. Infact even I have been trying to use this one to ensure the skin remains protected even without sun.

  5. I too prefer sunscreen and especially look for one which is non oily. Thanks for the honest review, shall skip LA shield as my skin is too sweaty.

  6. I sweat a lot specially from my forehead area so any cream or SS that is oily doesn't work for me. I need something that is water based. You have shared a very unbiased and honest review.

  7. This is a good find, its so difficult to find a good spf50, will definitely check this out and try it for myself.


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