Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men Review

Once I had gifted a Men's Fabbag to my Husband for his Birthday and he loved the "Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men " that was in it .I liked it too , so this year I gifted him a full bottle of this perfume .I am writing a review as perfume is a great gifting idea and I hope this review will help others in making a choice . So here it goes ....

Price-- Rs 3849/- for 150 ml  at Flipkart .I got it at 25% discount ! (Rs 4950 for 100 ml at other websites). 
Flipkart was offering the most competitive price and of course its service is now as they say "legend-ary".



PROS of Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men

1.Easily available online and at malls .

2. If you like simplicity then you would like the grey and black ,steel and glass bottle ."The bottle is  inspired by sleek yet defined curves of the  Meisterstuck Pen Design ."

3. Value for money ,a single spray will last for 6-8 hours .

4.  As per the website description--


     "Mont Blanc Legend stands defining the fern-like scent that you breathe, in the wild. Blending fougere with a dry and intense masculine finish, you have the Legend picking up more than just compliments."

 "The notes of this EDT are clear, like the mind of a man who is truly focused. Your fragrance is redolent of your lively persona and refined tastes . "

  " Legend brings notes that are fruity, aromatic of spice, wood and everything masculine to keep your every move underlined with a whiff of intense fragrance.   "

5. My impression of the perfume -the first thing that comes to my mind is crispness and sophistication .Then a slight woody sweetness( like when you are in an evergreen forest) and finally a lingering muskiness .

6.Masculine and fresh fragrance but in an understated and elegant way , not overpowering .


CONS of  Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men

1. Availability may be a problem if you can't go for online transaction.

2. Price may be a deterrent .

Final Verdict - I love  a man who smells nice and I guess everybody wants their man to smell nice .I am highly impressed and would rate it a 4.9 / 5 . A must have for every gentleman .


  1. It seems to be a good product and you beautifully described it

  2. I gifted a Bvalgari to my husband on Valentine's after a lot of research.

    Looks like next time he is getting a Mont Blanc.

    1. Great taste but which Bvlgari - Aqua /Man?

  3. I love Mont Blanc. I am using the Presence D'uno Femme by them currently and love it.

    1. A very classy fragrance , I must say !
      There is something about French perfumes ...

  4. My hubby too has it & we love it! Described nicely!

  5. That sounds like a great deal. Got to check out deals at Flipkart more frequently.

    1. Even I was surprised at the difference and it turned out to be genuine too !


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