Lakmé Perfect radiance Intense Whitening Compact - Medium

Hi Girls !

In the hot Indian weather the one thing you can't do without is a compact to blot that excess oil and make you look fresh through out .So last time when I went to get my makeup staple at the Lakme counter (because it gives me the perfect match ) the SA gave me this one though I was sceptic about it as it said "whitening" and who wants to look all ghostly an white-y ?
But he convinced me that is is actually pressed powder only , no white effect will show ...I got it in the shade Golden Medium 03 which is the closest to my skin tone .It is available in 6 shades with Ivory Fair being the lightest one and the Rose Honey being the darkest . The six shades have both warm and cool tones so there is one for every complexion .


Price- Rs 200 /-  for 8 gms . I found it reasonable as this would  easily last about 3 months even with daily use .


PROS of  Lakmé Perfect radiance Intense Whitening Compact - Medium 

  1. Easily available everywhere and online too 
  2. Affordable price 
  3. Six shades available
  4. Contains SPF 23
  5. Helps in giving oil free look 
  6. Makes you look fairer 
  7. Fine non gritty texture


CONS of Lakmé Perfect radiance Intense Whitening Compact - Medium 
  1. I do not like the packaging ,It could have been more compact and sturdy .
  2. The worst part is- it actually makes you look "white " like a ghost .I have to be really careful while applying this as even a little extra can make you look ghostly .
  3. Blending takes some time because the puff is not good enough for this .A fluffy  brush would be better for blending it .
  4. Not much coverage provided for scars and marks .


It actually looks like my skin tone in the pack and mind you this is the darkest shade with yellow undertones 

Applied on the wrist 

After blending

        FINAL VERDICT - Not very happy with the whitening effect that it produces I will rate it         a 3/5 otherwise it is a good product if applied lightly , it gives sun protection , fairness and           oil free look to the face .                        

    Have you tried any product from the Perfect Radiance range of Lakme  ?


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