Schwarzkopf Dandruff Control Shampoo Review

I have and oily scalp and a good anti-dandruff shampoo is required to keep the scalp clean and flake free.I was quite happy with my old favourite - The Matrix Anti Dandruff Shampoo but was not able to get my hands on it ,guess everyone else was loving it too !

So I wanted to experiment a bit and tried this new shampoo when there was a sale (Pssst - It is still available on flipkart at a big discount , here  !)


Price - Rs 800/- ( but I got it for Rs 585/- !!! ). I know its sounds unbelievable  :)


PROS of  Schwarzkopf Dandruff Control Shampoo

1. Good value for money - It feels expensive but the thick consitency means that not much is needed per wash and one tube can easily last more than  two months if you use only once a week .

2. The packaging is traval friendly and I like the clean white tube .

3. No strong fragrance 

4. Very effective in clearing of sebum (greasiness ) and flakes .

5. It also soothes (because of allantoin and zinc )the scalp for a long time .I felt no irritation or itching even after three days of using  this shampoo .

6.I did not suffer from hairfall ,but I am sure it should be able to reduce hairfall too as it is quite effective in controlling the dandruff and irritation and oiliness , which are the most common causes of hairfall .


CONS of Schwarzkopf Dandruff Control Shampoo

1. Some may find it expensive .

2. It is not easily available everywhere .You will either get it at salons or online .

3. It lathers  less so you don't know how much is enough to clean the hair .

4.The worst part is that it made my hair very rough and I have to use a repairing conditioner and serum to help save my distressed tresses .

FINAL VERDICT - I rate it a 3.8/5

A shampoo that is effective on scalp irritation and controls and prevents dandruff very well but takes away the smoothness of your hair .The best way to use would be once a week and then on an sos basis so that the hair does not get damaged .


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