Home Decor and Our Rich Cultural Heritage

India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our clothing, food,customs ,language,folk music and  literature .I think no other country has so much diversity than what India has to offer .

I have always been proud of our rich and varied cultural heritage and what could possibly be a more suitable way of  expressing  your love and respect for the crafts of india than through handicrafts showcased in your home and thus adding to the home decor while giving it that distinct stamp of Indian-ness .

Here are some  beautiful home decor ideas from Craftsvilla for sprucing up the home and adding that traditional touch to your homes :

1. Paintings - Your walls are that one space which catches the eye instantly and at the same time is easy to decorate .Madhubani paintings and art work made of embroidery like Phulkari, kantha etc on cloth are great ways to add colour and showcase our rich Indian handlooms .I even like the idea of cutting out and framing old silk sari pallus as pieces of art .

The Buddha adds serenity to the ambience

2. Vases - Vases can be used as flower pots or as stand alone home decor pieces , some can even be used as the bases for a glass table ! Vases come in various materials like wood, brass ,marble etc .
Brass needs to be polished regularly and marble and glass have to be handled with care .

A wooden vase

3. Wall Hangings and Photo frames - Stylized ,clustered photo frames and wall hangings are a great way of keeping your beautiful memories always in front of your eyes while adding to the beauty of your walls .In fact , photos add that personal touch which creates a home out of a house .You can even use them as mirrors ,specially the brass and wrought iron frames .
A quirky wooden frame 

4. Statues - From inexpensive Plaster of Paris to beautiful bronze and brass statues would not only add beauty to the home but also emanate a spiritual energy and give a calm aura to the house.
A Brass statuette of Lord Ganesha

Other than the above , table lamps ,knick knacks ,curios and even diwan cover sets and cushions can add a touch of elegance and tradition to your dream house .So let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating your home and hearth !


  1. We also have a few of them in our home, they indeed provide an elegant touch to the existing beauty!

    1. I am sure with your fine taste , it must indeed be an elegant touch !

  2. Imagination is the key in home decor. These things added with your personal touch can make a 'house' - home.

  3. Nice post. Home decor does have connection with our culture and so does our outfits.

    Would be great if you can cover a post on cultural/ethnic outfits like kurtis, sarees, lehengas, Designer Sharara Suits and more.

    good post. Keep posting


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