Thursday, 10 August 2017

Make Over at Sukul n Archana 's Make up House

People who are close to me know this for a fact that I was a tomboy in my growing years - mostly wore jeans and shirts and never liked dressing up like girls .I remember sulking for days when my Mom made me wear a pretty flowery sleeveless dress !
It took some effort to post pictures of myself in this state -
unwashed,sweaty and starving but I wanted
 to give an honest review to my readers 
Well I learned a few things about how to use make up to just pass muster but recently after meeting me a friend of mine commented that  I had gone into a style rut and needed a freshness to my skin care regimen and the way I dressed .The friend being a much in demand make up artist,so I had to take his views seriously and I took it a step further and agreed for a make over session with him and his better half Archna , a lovely and sweet lady who made me feel instantly at home when I walked into their studio .
The first pic shows the kits that were used during my make
 over and the rest of the pics give a glimpse of the Salon 

After the initial meet and greet and refreshments were over,we got down to business and Archana selected a few clothes for me to try on.I was hesitant to wear certain styles but she edged me on to just give it a chance and so after a change of clothes ,I was ready with my heart racing in anticipation.

Archana felt that my skin looked dull and dehydrated so after tweezing my brows into a little more shape ,she treated my face to some cleansing and exfoliation and hydration after which my face looked much fresher .
As I was fasting that day , they also made me have juices and water at regular intervals .
The artist and her Canvas 

Archana then prepped and primed my face and upper body and did my eye make up using Kajal,eyeliner, mascara and false lashes and my eyes started looking bigger and better.
Being a myopic generally gives you smaller looking eyes and so eye make up was central to the make up .
Myself - Somewhat taken aback
by the change in my look
 It was now Sukul's turn to create magic and he started  with using concealer to hide the dark spots on the face and then he used foundation through airbrush which is a mechanised fine spray that spreads foundation evenly and does not give a layered look .After airbrushing , he contoured and defined my cheeks forehead and nose and then used loose powder for sealing the make up .Finally some blush and highlights and finally the lips were done. For different looks Archana and Sukul played around with the eye-shadow and lips colours and hairstyles .

The lunch date look and my apparent discomfort !

My hair was teased and crimped and shaped into different styles as per the look they wanted to create. It was as if my face was a canvas and they were splashing around colours and using brush strokes to get the desired result .I think they are called "Make up artists " for the same reason that they take make up to a whole level of artistry .

I asked Sukul about the various products that were used and he rattled off many names and numbers and alphabets most of which I forgot but I remember his assuring me that they only used international and reputed brands for their work mostly using MAC, Makeup Studio, Anastasia, Inglot, Urban Decay, Temptu etc.
The Evening Out look 

I was sceptical about using make up on my face as I had some pimples and irritation of skin at that time but surprisingly they did not get worse nor did my skin felt itchy or red as it usually does .Rather disbelievingly the next day my acne started reducing ,maybe it was the superior quality of products and the cleansing and exfoliation by Archna that did the trick for me and I internally vowed to take better care of my skin in future .

The Semi formal Cruise look 

They wanted me to try more looks but I was really tired and also it was time to break the fast so we decided to end it there but not before Archna and Sukul shared with me some tricks of the trade and valuable skincare and make up tips .

Me in a Fuschia Saree - The Ethnic Look 

Why go to Sukul N Archana's Make up House ?

1. They instantly put you at ease and give a boost to your confidence ,which is very important .If you      feel beautiful and happy inside it shows on the outside too .
2. Years of experience in Bridal Makeup and Party make up
3. Specialization in airbrush make up
4. They only use premium and best make up brands
5. Thousands of happy customers all over India

The lovely couple with magic fingers 

Sukul and Archana can be contacted at:  
 +919999679565, +919818079565


  1. Nice! Will surely visit them someday.

  2. You look absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Mandi- it seems a little make up goes a long way !

  3. You really look awesome! I have been contemplating one for many years now but still haven't mustered enough courage.Sigh!

    1. I understand you live nearby, give it a try once - they are not just makeup artists but also have a full salon so you can take one step at a time moreover they don't blindly follow your wish but will tell you what will look good on you too .

  4. You look so beautiful, they indeed had some magic wand to give one a make-over. So naturally they flaunted your features.

  5. Great thanks for the info, will try

    1. Yeah , Sukul does for the gents too so you can definitely try it.

  6. wow.. you look beautiful.. and i especially love the saree look.. god bless

  7. Wow! Such masterpiece make up! Needs to be tried soon.

  8. Wow, wonderful makeover. I have to rethink my style now, i have forgotten what dressing up or makeup is post motherhood!!

    1. Taking care of oneself is equally important - feels so good !

  9. Hello... I loved the black and white print , the pink dress as well
    It really suits you really well
    and of course you look like the perfect beautiful Japanese womoan :)
    Very nice post. Do keep experimenting
    Btw your links of the salon is not hyperlinked.. You may wanna fix that

    1. Thank you Asian Traveller for pointing out the error - much appreciated and corrected .

  10. Wow! Loved the different looks and the magic created..will recommend to some of the friends living in India

  11. Wow.. they have really done a good job.. and you look pretty

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