Stress Relief Tips for Busy Moms

Being a Mom especially a working mom, can be a hectic and stressful job sometimes.There are thousands of things to take care of and there never seems to be enough time to do everything because as you handle one thing, two more pop up!

This constant avalanche can have you feeling stressed out and if you’re like most people; an increase in stress will only lead to a decrease in efficiency and productivity.In order to make the most of the hours in a day without compromising on mental health, monitoring your stress levels is the key.
This article touches on some very simple ways that busy moms can reduce their stress levels, which will lead to a happier, more productive life at home and or work. 

If possible make time at least five days a week to exercise. Exercising regularly not only releases endorphins which reduce stress levels but is it also improves the quality of your sleep.
You can even get a little creative with exercising; personal favourite activity of mine is "wandering off ".

No really ... Just put on some sneakers every evening and walk away from your home in any direction for about 25 minutes you will be surprised at some of the things and places you discover; and when you feel like you have been walking for about 25 minutes just turn around and head back home.

 That’s it- You just walked for almost an hour !

Other ways you can exercise are: 

Jogging around the playground while the kids play line change

Playing with your kids in an active way like sports running games extra

Yoga which is a fun activity that you can actually learn about with your children strengthening your born while being active

Whatever you do some exercise is better than no exercise when trying to manage your stress levels.

Gum chewing is the lesser known stress relieving activity but it works extremely well and has even even been corroborated by a Cardiff University study(1).

The belief is that chewing gum causes brain waves that are similar to those in relaxed people and increases blood flow to the brain.


I heard that internal YAWN that you just made but hear me out please!
Deep breathing  when done properly helps to suppress the stress response and allows your body to relax .

How to Breathe deeply

A.Take care of any and all biological needs before you start.Trying to meditate when your stomach is rumbling all your bladder is nagging you is frustrating and not relaxing at all there for defeating the whole purpose of what you are doing.

B. Find a comfortable space to sit or lie down where you cannot be reached by the distractions of life for at least 20 minutes.

C.Put your hand on your stomach ( this is optional).

D.Inhale slowly and evenly, feeling your stomach expand as you do so.

E.Breathe out slowly, through either your mouth or nose whatever feels more natural.


While breathing deeply, be sure to allow your mind to wander. Think about the past or the future but do not think about the challenges of the present so that you can relax.

As a bonus you can include some relaxing essential oils in your breathing sessions .


Many essential oils have been shown to greatly influence stress levels,anxiety and general mental health in human beings .

Lavender is the traditional go-to for stress relief because of its incredible efficacy backed not only by word of mouth but by published studies as well (2)(3).

Other stress relieving oils include Arbor Vitae, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.


One way to reduce stress is to be realistic in your assessment of how much time a certain task will take. Sometimes stress piles on because we try to fit too many things into a finite amount of time not leaving enough room for error or unexpected situations so don’t be afraid to say 'NO'.



There is a direct relationship between stress and sleep .Inadequate sleep makes you more vulnerable to stress but a high level of stress can prevent you from getting quality sleep too.To fix this problem you have to start somewhere in the cycle and addressing your sleep issues may be the easiest.

How to Ensure you get More Sleep

A.Give both yourself and the kids a bedtime and stick to it.

B.Create a routine and stick to the same sleep schedule even on weekends. According to psychologist it takes most person is about 3 to 4 weeks to develop up a new habit so it is important to be disciplined especially in the early stages.

C.Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed if possible.

D.Don’t drink caffeine in brackets coffee soda T within six hours of bedtime

E.Don’t exercise close to bedtime

F.A few drops of a relaxing essential oil such as lavender, Roman chamomile and Ylang Ylang on the pillow or in the bedroom work great too.


Looking at this list of things might make you feel like you just have more things to fit into your already crowded routine but it will be for the greater good.Take one or more off the list and apply them to your life and in no time you will start to feel more relaxed and you’ll be able to get more work done.You can even mix it up and try different combos but you must include adequate sleep in this combination.

Author Bio :

Trysh Sutton is a Naturopathic Wellness expert and the founder of Pure Path Living.She regularly shares remedial prowess using natural healing resources such as essential oils. Her teaching skills and passion for healing a natural gift designed to inspire and restore.

She also sees to it that Pure Path Living delivers quality personal health and wellness approaches and products to help all health enthusiasts find exactly what they’re looking for to live their lives to the very best.


  1. These are some really beneficial tips! I recently started walking and it has actually made me calmer and fresh.

  2. I loved your tips and really it will help a lot in stress relieving and chewing gum is something I always do.

  3. I love the countable yet easily achieved ideas for destressing with a child.

  4. It's really hectic to manage life. Thanks for sharing the tips. Will try to follow.

  5. Aromatherapy is something I would like to invest my time and energy into. Exercise and meditation is a personal favourite as somehow it triggers a sense of calmness in me.

  6. Meditation and adequate sleep are the easiest steps we can take to ensure our lives our stress free. Very useful tips.

  7. Life today has become really stressful especially for moms. These beautifully penned down tips are sure to help. :)


  8. Aroms traitth is probably the most under rated of the points, although it's probably the most effective, with immediate effects

  9. These are so nice tips it will help many moms including me too. Thanks for sharing

  10. I think these tips are helpful to everyone even if u r not a mom. Stress is a grueling problem in today's life n these points are great to fight back.

  11. That is an amazing post, chewing gum is new tip for me as a mom they are so great tip for me.

  12. Love these tips. I always rely on chewing gum and aroma therapy

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