Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion


I have had my share of struggle with adult acne every now and then and earlier I had got great results with Avene Tricneal cleanance Expert cream so I was using it whenever I suffered from breakouts and it helped every time.But this time around the product was not working well for me - also it was leaving my skin very dry.

Unluckily the Avene website does not give you much idea about how to choose a product,it does not mention the strength of the ingredients either so you have to choose yourself or ask around. After much deliberation and googling I settled for the Avene Tricneal Expert Soin  (soin means care in French ) Emulsion to take care of my adult acne and post acne marks.

Today I shall share my experience about Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion after using it for nearly 2 months .


Ingredients -  As per the website the Avene Tricneal Soin Emulsion contains : 

An anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that effectively eliminates acne  and prevent blemishes 

A gentle but efficient exfoliating enzyme to help reduce the appearance of stubborn marks left behind by blemishes.

It is a Vitamin A derivative, has an anti-ageing effect and also helps to unclog pores, reduce acne marks and gives a rejuvenated glow to the face.

This helps in soothing the inflamed skin and also aids in healing .

I have clicked the picture of the bottle and the key ingredients  are shown below  :


Presentation - I am quite happy with the sturdy but light weight slim bottle that is easy to carry with a pump that ensures that most of the product is used up.It is a bit tricky initially but works well after a few pumps.It dispenses small quantity so there is no wastage;considering it is pricey ,this is helpful.


PROS of  Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion
1. Suitable for sensitive skin
2.Effective of acne  and helps in preventing new ones by unclogging the pores 
3. Helps in fading away marks left by acne 
4. The Retinaldehyde has an anti aging action so keeps skin clear ,smooth and glowing .
5. Not drying at all , rather is moisturising
6. The Avene Thermal Water soothes the skin
7. No fragrance , which is a plus for sensitive skin and noses !
8. Can clear a pimple in 2-3 days itself 
9. Regular use even keeps blackheads at bay
10. Parabens Free 

CONS of  Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion
1. Expensive at Rs 1800 for 30 ml , though I got it at a discount from Amazon.in
2.Not easily available offline
3.Gentle but Slow action,do not expect overnight action, though I have seen budding pimples get cleared with in 3 days too !
4. It has Retinaldehyde so should only be used in the evening (no stepping into the Sun after applying this). Make sure to use a very gentle face wash ( or use from their own range ) and always wear sun protection .
5.Not effective on larger pimples called nodules an cysts (they require internal medicine as   well )

FINAL VERDICT - I am loving this product,two months down the line,it has gently cleared the acne though marks are taking a lot more time but I understand that it is a slow process and stronger treatments will end up irritating my sensitive skin and give more pimples.

Added bonus , a clearer and glowing skin !

I rate it a 4.5/5 


  1. This seems to be a great product for those suffering from acne. Thanks for sharing ur detailed n honest review.

    1. Actually to correct , this can double as an antiageing product for oily skin too as the retinaldehyde exfoliates the skin gently causing acne to reduce and fresher skin to come to the surface.

  2. I love such unbiased reviews. I am sure my niece would love to check this out. Beautifully executed. :)


  3. Wow, acne treatments are hard to find! This seems effective but pricey

    1. Actually the market has such a mind boggling range,but this seems to be quite good .

  4. Thanks for sharing the product. I want something to restore my skin immediately. I’m going to try if it works on me

  5. It is costly as per general standards. Since it works well for sensitive skin, it becomes worth the price.

    1. It last me roughly a month or 25 days when used once daily.

  6. Thanks for the detailed review, sounds like a great product for people having acne issues

    1. It doubles up as an anti-ageing cream too for oily skin !

  7. I am having acne at this age. *SIGH* Thanks for sharing about Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion, will check it out.

  8. I have a very oily and acne prone skin, as I am already taking some treatment but aftet reading your honest review..I would love to try it atleast once.

    1. Well I would not advise to take both simultaneously but if you are not taking any other treatment then this really helps.

  9. I don't have much acne problem but yes the scars don't go away easily. Basis the read it looks that it works well on scars too. How much time can it take for rubbing off those scars? www.mommyinme.com

  10. Good acne treatment is hard to find that works for really oily skin. Will check this one out.

    1. You need to couple it with an antibacterial mild face wash for best results.

  11. I liked the slim bottle. Personally I like creams that are light weight.good that you have started to see the results.

    1. Yes, the bottle is very slim and sturdy and the pump is good.


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