Silver Hair Sins - Book Review


Price - Rs 249/- for Paperback , Kindle Edition is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers 

Pages - 166 pages 

Genre  - Science fiction, Suspense,Thriller 

About the Author - Saumick Pal 

The author of this book ,Saumick is a Futurist by profession, an engineer by education, India’s first accredited communicator by chance and a certified Usability Analyst by choice.

He actively advices CEOs & Commercial Directors on Storytelling, Insight-mining, Disruptive Innovation,Digital Strategy,User Experience focused on Service, Health-tech and Design Thinking.
Saumick is passionate about films and startups, enjoying the dramatic tension in both. He is a script writer and a mentor to young leaders and entrepreneurs.

The novel  "Silver Hair Sins" is his first foray into the world of fiction .

About the Book 

I finished the book in one go!

This story is set in the future, in 2088 to be precise, and through its characters Cadet Meera and her father Akbar and its Bald Elders takes us through a thrilling flight of ideas and ideologies in an era where even reality can be manipulated!
Augmented Reality, Hovercrafts , Silver chips embedded under the skin,Humanoids … it is a different world all together and yet the basic questions remain the same even in the 22nd century  where the major religions like Hinduism, Islam or Christianity have been done away with and  replaced with a new world order of ‘One God AI'.

Even the concept of punishment is new - CROSP( Criminal Reform One Silver Programme)– where the criminal will keep reliving the horror of his crime and has to repent else he/she will be subjected to sensory deprivations (can’t see happy colors,can't taste good food ,will only smell death and decay, will only see a dark world etc. till he repents and is atoned of his crime and punishment gradually).

Can the One Religion,One AI and the Bald One Master really solve once and for all the questions of Good versus evil, Silver versus Dark, Male versus Female and Crime versus Sacrifice?

Is a crime committed against an innocent child for the betterment of society not a crime?
Does a father have the right to volunteer his child for sacrifice for a better society?

These are some questions raised and answered in this thriller.

What I loved about 'Silver Hair Sins '

The book has a futuristic language but it stays clear of jargon  and one can make sense of it.The pace of the storytelling is kept tight throughout the book and the characters are well etched out.The story keeps you glued to the book, as I said, I just could not put it down and kept at it till I reached the last page.It also makes you sit back and think.

What I did not like about 'Silver Hair Sins'

On the downside,I feel this story needed a few more pages (or maybe a second part) to really explain the concepts in depth; I struggled a bit with the concepts of Religion, Sin and One God.

Final Verdict - I rate it a 4/5 star 

The book forces us to think about issues ailing our society- Patriarchy, Hypocrisy and,Fanaticism and Politics that exploits this religious fanaticism – all of them burning issues in today’s context.

‘Silver Hair Sins’ begs to be the excuse that makes us debate the relevance and importance of these social practices in modern times .

With more than half of the thriller narrated by hard hitting and poignant black and white cinematized photographs , this book is one of its kind and asks for a one time read surely.

This could make for an interesting movie – is Hollywood listening?


  1. One GOD AI, that sounds a lot fascinating to me wrt 22nd century. Somehow, it's always exciting to enter such world and dream more about it.

  2. I am a firm believer that life really exists and make it interesting what lies between black and white. Painting the world with one colour isn't right. The book too seems to resonate this idea or at least pushes the reader to think. Very contemporaneous.

  3. surely liked the book. I can feel that from your review. Writing something from future angle while maintaining the interest throughout is not very easy.

    1. Yes, to talk about future and yet stay relevant is a fine line walking.

  4. This sounds like a great read. To me, the title and book cover are important as it attracts my first attention. And this book has both moreover the review you have shared insisting me to grab it.


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