ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter for Dry Skin

I am sure most of you like me have dry skin when it comes to our hands and feet, thanks to staying in air conditioned environments for the better part of the day.
If yes, then this post is for you !

I use a moisturising lotion throughout the year and the one that works for my oily face does not work for my body.This brand was introduced to me by a friend and here is my honest review of ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter for Dry Skin .

PRICE - Rs 399/- for 300 ml ( get it at a discount Here )


I really like the translucent plastic body and the sturdy, rounded heavy bottomed pump spray bottle , it sits easy on my bathroom shelf and the pump works smoothly.



WHAT IS GREAT ABOUT THE ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter for Dry Skin

1.No parabens, no mineral oils, no sulphates, peg & pg free, hypoallergenic so it is suitable to even sensitive skin
2.Pure Australian tea tree oil, French Shea butter, Italian olive oil, vitamin A, B & E are some key ingredients which work well for me though I feel the concentrations are very low.
3.It has a mild fresh and minty and green fragrance of Tea tree that lingers for about 10 minutes.
4.It is slightly runny and is absorbed quite fast and does not leave the skin sticky
5.St. D'Vence Winter Body lotion helps relieve dry and itching skin.I let my Mother-in- Law try this for her dry and itchy legs and she felt immediate soothing action - that makes me a good Daughter-in-Law, right 😉!!
6.It's formulated & designed by St. D'vencé in London keeping in mind the requirements of Indian skin.
7.Very affordable , one bottle lasts more than one month easily even after using once daily all over.


WHAT IS NOT SO GREAT ABOUT ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter for Dry Skin

1. Even though it says it is formulated for dry skin , my skin feels dry within  2 hours of application in warm weather ( I use it at bedtime and sleep in A.C.) Though used during the day in normal temperature ( 25 degrees Celsius ) I felt it worked well.

2. It claims to retain skin glow, delay ageing but I did not find any change in the skin of my arms in terms of skin glow or smoothness etc. or any effect on tanning (though it does not claim any protection from darkening).


I rate it a 3.8/5

With my husband loving the fragrance (yes that can be a deal breaker sometimes) an affordable price tag and quality ingredients - I definitely like the product and might buy it again.

I do not find it deeply moisturising ( mind you I do not even have dry skin and it is summer season while I am trying this out), still I won't mind reapplying it or maybe I will try the ST. D'VENCE Autumn Edition Body Lotion with Argan Oil and Avocado Butter for Very Dry Skin next, so stay tuned to this space !


  1. Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter are great for dry skin. ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion seems like a good option for dry skin. Will check it out. Thanks for your recommendation!

  2. Liked the fact that it gets absorbed quickly and gives you a soothing feel. When it comes to protection, skin glow, I feel all active ingredients have to be in a certain % to provide those benefits. But as a lotion, it did a decent job.

  3. This winter lotion looks so promising buddy and now since I am coming to the wintery land, I will surely try this out


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