Soapworks Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Shampoo Bar with Amla and Neem


Price - INR 399/- for 140 gms bar , I ordered it online from

Presentation - It comes in a brown cardboard paper box , which is made of recycled paper and completely plastic free.
They have many other variants of these Shampoo bars available -  
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Methi, Bhringraj,Soapnut and Hibiscus Shampoo Bar 
Milk Protein Growth and Nourishment Shampoo Bar 
Silk Protein Bounce and Shine Shampoo Bar
Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar for curly Hair

HOW TO USE -You can apply shampoo directly to wet hair, or create a lather in your hands, then apply. Starting at the scalp, massage through hair until desired lather is reached then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

The scalp after washing with the Soapworks Shampoo Bar

                  What is to love about Soapworks Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

1.Completely Natural - It claims to contain no artificial preservatives, it is free from Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrance, Colors, Parabens, BHT/BHA, Sulphates, Silicones, and other toxic/harmful chemicals. GMO Free (as per the website ).So if are looking for  a natural product and also want to do your bit for the earth , then you could switch to these Shampoo Bars .

2. Lathers Fairly well , you can check out the pictures and see how fluffy and clean the hair is .
3. Helps in fighting scalp itchiness and dandruff 
4.Travel friendly, no fear of spillages and great for carrying when flying 
5. May help with hairfall too as I did find it effective in combatting dandruff 

What is not so likeable about Soapworks Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

1. The packaging is so unappealing , just a brown cardboard box.
2. It kind of starts sweating easily in humid and warm room so you have to store it well in a dry and cool place and in a plastic or glass dish.
3. It has a disagreeable smell like grease or mineral oil , though thankfully the hair does not smell so after the wash. But for those who love a bit of fragrance in the hair after shampoo, you may feel disappointed.
4. The price of INR 399/- for a small bar of 140 gms seems a bit too much , but thankfully it can last 12-15 washes easily for my shoulder length hair ,so that would give you a fair idea about how long it  would last for you.
5.It did a fair job of conditioning my hair, my hair was squeaky clean but not as soft and manageable as I get from my regular shampoo

FINAL VERDICT - Though I do support products that claim to be natural and good for the environment , this one left me disappointed because it does not do the basic job of giving you soft and clean hair even if not fragrant !
I am not buying it again.


  1. Will check it out...appears excellent one.

    1. Thank you , for short hair like yours, this one will last for 3-4 months easily !

  2. This product looks amazing. Thanks for such detailed post. I would like to give it a try as this is needed to keep your hair healthy and strong.

    1. Yes Swati , and you can do your bit for the environment too by avoiding chemicals !

  3. Hey this is something totally new to me. I've stopped using soaps in any form. Utensils, face, body. I would suggest this to my friend who loves soaps.

    1. Cindy,This one is very low on chemicals too ! Also I am interetsed to know what are you using as replacement of soap and shampoos?

  4. I liked your honest review. I haven't used such a shampoo bar ever. If it smells bad then I should definitely avoid it. Hope the brand makes some positive changes.

  5. Shampoo bar is taking me memory lane of Shikaki. Shampoo bar would be best when we travel, no need of bottles and worry of spilling.

  6. I really admire your honest opinion. I also did not like using bars for various household purposes. Thanks for sharing what you did not us in making a good decision whether buy it or not.

  7. This is completely new to me. Apple cider has many benefits. Using it as a cake form for shampoo is interesting.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  8. I haven't used soap bars ever from the fear of getting dry hair and scalp. But I remember my grandmother used soap for her long eons ago. This reminded me of that time. You review is very helpful. Thanks.

  9. I really liked the honest review about this shampoo bar. I like to try organic products but does it help in hairfall!!

  10. Yes even I would like to give it a pass as the price is very high and the product needs a little bit of rejig before one can buy at this given pricing. Also I am skeptical about the surfactant used.

  11. I like that you have given an honest opinion of the product and the experience of it I have not tried something like this, and I didn't did not know something like this was even available in the market so thanks for sharing that

  12. Thanks for sharing this with me, I haven't tried shampoo bar for me would surely like to try this one

  13. The after effect is visible clearly . I have never tried shampoo bar . I will check this out and get it for me also .

  14. I have had good experience with shampoo bars. They take some time to adapt to your hair specially when you switch to natural or organic shampoo or bars. I think you should try some other variant with positive thoughts about it


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