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Dear Earth by Avvaiyar

Title -  Dear Earth  Pages - 13 pages Availability - The book is available for  INR 99/- on  Amazon kindle , free with Kindle Unlimited and for INR 175/- through the website of Katha    About the Author Avvai or Avaaiyar was  a famous Tamil Poetess who lived about 2500 years ago in the land of Tamilakam. It is believed that she was on old woman who walked barefoot across the land and  lived with marginalized farmers and sang songs of the earth which were handed down into generations by word of mouth. "Dear Earth " has been translated from Tamil to English by  Padma Shri Geeta Dharmarajan , who is not only an award winning writer but also the torch bearer for Katha , a non –profit organization that promotes literature from native Indian languages and literature specially meant for the young minds. About the Book  "Dear Earth " was created about 2300 years old back, this 25 word poem ,is an ode to the Mother Earth.  This book has been rightly targeted at children  bec

Kintsugi - A Novel by Anukrti Upadhyay

                                               Genre -  Fiction  Price - The hardcover  of this novel is priced at  Rs 310/-  and  Kindle Edition at Rs 294.50 About the Author Anukrti Upadhyay   is a law graduate and holds a post graduate degree in literature and management.She has earlier worked in Global Investment Bank in Hong Kong and India and is now working   for the World Wildlife Conservation Trust. She is currently dividing her time living in Singapore and Bombay. Anukrti has tried her hand at both Fiction and poetry and her published works include two novellas in English - Daura and Bhaunri that have been critically well received and a collection of short stories in Hindi - Japani   Sarai. About the Novel  I am sure you will be wondering about the title of this work “ Kintsugi” . Kintsugi or   kintsukuroi   means “ golden repair “ and it is the Japanese art of mending broken ceramic pottery by   using   lacquer dusted  mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Th