Deyga Pure and Natural Handcrafted Beauty Products - An Honest Review

Summers are almost here and so are summer woes ! 

Let me share my latest finds in skin care today , these are Made in India , Pure and natural , Handcrafted beauty products (as the brand claims) , read the post below how much of it turned out to be true.
I shall be reviewing The Deyga Pure Aloe Vera Gel , The Deyga Charcoal face Pack and the Deyga Tea Tree Toner .
For those of you who are new to my blog - I have mature ,Oily and sensitive skin prone to acne and sunburn .
So here goes …

Deyga Pure Aloe Vera Gel


Price - INR 350/-  for 100 ml

Presentation - It came well packaged in an attractive clear plastic jar, very sturdy  and the twist cap was easy to open and close. Spill proof packaging gets a thumbs up ! 


What I loved about the Deyga Aloe Vera Gel 

  • It is pure and handcrafted. You can feel the purity at one look .It seems untouched by hands and no added chemicals too. You can see through to the bottom !
  • It spreads easily. I used a wooden spatula to spread it and it was easy to work with it, no clumps or strings. Not runny or watery either.
  • No added colors as you can see , it seems quite pure.
  • Moisturizing and cooling. I kept in on my skin for 10 mins and then washed it off with plain water. My skin did not have any irritation , it felt calmed, soft and moisturized.

Cons of Deyga Aloe Vera Gel 

  • Much more expensive than other brands like Patanjali Aloe Vera gel ,but if you consider the quality , the price is at par with the best natural and organic brands.
  • I find a tube packaging much more hygienic and convenient so that is a con for me.

Deyga Charcoal Face Pack 

Price  - INR 490/- for 200 gms

Presentation -  It comes in a transparent sturdy and air tight , glass jar with a twist open lid. The transparent jar makes it easy to know how much product is left. I  must compliment them on how well packed this was !

How to use 

Mix the charcoal face pack with the Tea Tree Toner or Rose water and apply on skin in a thin layer, leave on for 15 mins and then rinse off with water. Apply the Tea Tree Toner to close the pores and hydrate the skin.


PROS of the Deyga Charcoal Face Pack

  •  Pure and made in India . 
  • This face pack contains Activated Charcoal powder , Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, French Clay, Essential Oils .These clays help in absorbing excess oil , exfoliating dead skin and cleansing the skin. 
  • Suitable for Oily and acne prone skin  , the skin feels fresh and oil free after applying for 10 mins. I used it twice a week and was happy to see that my skin was breaking out much less. I had been under so much strain these days, that not having my skin break out felt like a miracle.
  • Ease of application , it makes for a smooth paste and easy to apply .


CONS of DEyga Charcoal Face Pack

1. May not suit those with dry skin and combination skin , I suggest that those with combination skin should use it in a thin paste 
2. It takes sometime and effort to wash it off because it is slightly sticky 

Deyga Tea Tree Facial Toner 


Price - INR 450/- for 100 ml 

Presentation - It is a spray bottle ,unfortunately when I received the cap was loose but thankfully there was no spillage.

How to use - Spray directly on face as a hydrator or facial mist to freshen up the face or use a make up remover and toner with cotton ball .

It can be used in face packs too as a base .


PROS of Deyga Tea Tree Facial Toner

1. Organic and Natural , handmade , made in India - made form steam distilled tea tree leaves

2. Suitable for all skin types

3. I like the mild and  fresh green fragrance 

4. Immediately soothe sand hydrates the skin. I used it after tweezing my eyebrows to soothe and calm the area and to my surprise , it worked ! No breakouts in the tweezed area and skin felt calm.

5. I also use the Deyga Tea Tree toner it as a face mist when on the go, it is specially great for the summer weather , I just spray and then gently wipe and it cleans and tones my skin

6. It is free from alcohol, so no burning or irritation even on cracked skin which is big relief.

7. Soothes Sunburns too 


CONS of Deyga Tea Tree Toner

1. This is slightly expensive but the quality justifies the price tag.

2. The plastic cap is a bit loose but thankfully it did not leak .

FINAL VERDICT - I am so happy that I tried this brand , I am specially very much in love with the Charcoal face pack and the Tea Tree Toner . I can confidently recommend them as natural and pure skin care products that show visible results too.

I am going to try their gorgeous looking lip balms next .

You too can avail of their products and discover the whole range of Deyga's extensive  Pure, Handcrafted and Natural hair care, skin care, bath and body and wellness products  HERE 

They are offering some great  discounts right now so hurry and Enjoy Happy Skin days !

(Disclaimer  : The products have been provided by the brand but the views are my own personal unbiased opinion after using the products for 15 days


  1. I have never used these products before but Charcoal face mask seems really intresting and I would like to try it!! Thanks for such honest review!!

  2. The range looks promising. Unfortunately I will not be able to find it here. But will recommend my sister. She uses Aloe Vera Gel on regular basis.

  3. How pure and genuine these products look dear. Thanks a lot for sharing about them, will love to try

  4. I use aloevera gel regularly and would like to try this brand next. Also, the charcoal mask seems good. Will check out these products.

  5. I am hearing a lot about deyga brand, all cross the web nowadays. seems like a great brand with wide range of amazing products. would love to try aloe vera gel, as it is part of daily skin care routine.

  6. I have been using Aloe Vera gel and found charcoal face mask is something I have never heard. Would love to give it a try. Thanks for your honest review.

  7. The products looks great and worth using for skin care definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing the review..

  8. Deyga has so many products for the skin care. I am amused with the benefits mentioned about the Toner, with passing age I think I need to get one.

  9. I love products with aloe Vera. I have heard about this brand but haven't used it yet. Does look good quality though.

  10. Never heard of this brand, good to know about it though. Would love to try thei aloe vera gel. Looks promising.

  11. Aloe Vera is my go to product but yet to try charcoal face pack. The product seems nice although the brand looks new.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  12. Deyga has a good range of natural products for the skin. I liked the honest review that you shared and I would personally like to try their face mask. Tea tree for some reason dsnt suit my skin.

  13. These are such lovely products, with summer setting in, we all need a good aloe gel. I have never tried their products but they look very interesting.

  14. Thanks for the honest review. Deyga is a good brand and the charcoal mask seems interesting will check this product out.

  15. Thank you for introducing such an interesting brand. I am all about skincare these days and I definitely want to give the charcoal mask a try as it looks very promising

  16. This is quite a detailed review on all the products. I have been meaning to buy a good aloe Vera gel for my daily skincare routine, thank you for this recommendation.

  17. Deyga products are indeed wonderful. I have used their pregnancy kit and they have absolutely been gentle and effective on my skin. I cant wait to try these products again.


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