Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner – Sizzling Mocha

Hello Ladies !

I am back with a product review and this time the product that has caught my fancy is Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner in brown Sizzling Mocha( Yes the one that has Ms Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador!). 


I was getting bored of black eyeliner and was looking for something that would go well with my medium warm complexion , so it was either dark brown or navy blue , the navy blue I tried were not really what I was looking for so I settled for this one in dark brown. I got in online from Nykaa.com at a discount .

Kay Beauty has a whole lot of exciting colours – 8 stunning shades to choose from , and very suitable for Indian complexions from Fair to Dark skinned beauties !


Price – INR 499/- for  3 ml , I got it at a discount for INR 374/- only and that is much more expensive than the Lakme Liquid Eyeliner but at par and cheaper than other International brands.
Presentation – A long plastic tube bearing the same  colour as of the eyeliner shade , this one was brown and with a golden top .Very sturdy though opening it is a bit of a pain , it seems to take a long time to twist and open .The brush as you can see is thin and long with a longer than usual handle making it easier to work with it.

Forgive my unsteady hand ! This is a fresh application,
it settles to a slightly lighter shade than this

Great  things about Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner in Sizzling Mocha 

  1. Very sturdy and spill proof packaging
  2. Not so expensive , though product too is little so it wont last long
  3. Long handled brush which makes it easy to grip and long bristles that give a good application specially if you want a wing
  4. Thick but fluid product that gives a good line on single stroke 
  5. Matte finish 
  6. The cap fits so well that product did not dry easily even after 2 months
  7. It dries easily 
  8. Easy to take off with a simple face wash , I use Kaya Soothing Face Wash 

Not so great things about Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner in Sizzling Mocha 

  1. Slightly expensive for the quantity provided 
  2. I find opening it a pain , one needs to keep twisting 
  3. This is a dark brown but not the darkest brown and I am probably going to go for Grunge Raisin -a darker shade of brown that is close to black
  4. The long brush is good but a bit too soft and gets curved easily.

FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 7/10 , for this price, the quality is very good and my sensitive skin did not have any irritation , it dries quick and is easy to take off too , I just wish the brush was slightly pointy. I am in love with the range of colours and I am really going to get some more but in different colours.

35 responses to “Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner – Sizzling Mocha”

  1. I am a eye makeup freak I love eye makeup and this eye liner looks great definitely going to check this out for my next collection tnx for the review

  2. Kay beauty has launched some good products in affordable range but I haven't tried any of their range. Their has been mixed reviews all over, I think the brand should work upon it.

  3. Not a make up person because i hardly have time for it. But these look promising and Kay beauty is. A trusted brand now. It. Has established itself pretty quickly as on that provides quality and affordable products

  4. I think this is the same brand that is owned by Katrina Kaif. Looking forward to trying its makeup products for sure. Eye Liner looks quite pigmented thanks for the honest review. I might just give the eyeliner a try first.

  5. I do my liner everyday and need a good one. While I've my few favorites but this one looks good too. I loved colored liners too and the brown one looks awesome. Will check them out.

  6. I really like reading your honest reviews. I will give this one a try because I really love this particular shade of brown. I have tried their lipsticks and totally love them.

  7. I too felt that this was on a bit expensive compared to other options available in the market. I am always a fan of black eyeliners and lately blue is also something that has caught my interest.

  8. So great to see a brown eyeliner in matte finish! I really love brown and used it often but for some time in between, the brand I used stopped the matte version and all I could find were these shimmery ones I just didn't like. So this looks like a must try and also the slightly darker shade. Thanks!

  9. I rarely use eyeliners and recently I've got an eyeliner pen for myself as I find these liquid ones lil difficult to use. But I liked the brown shade of this eyeliner.

  10. Such an honest review. Having brown eye balls many people suggested me to apply brown eyeliner..would love to give it a try as it can me applied really well.

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