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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Dianna Wilkes 

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Dianna Wilkes is an award winning contemporary romance author. Main Street, the first book in the Providence Island series, was a finalist in the 2015 Maggie Awards and 2016 Molly Awards, 3rd place winner in the 2016 Lone Star Awards and 1st place winner in the Orange Rose Awards.
A West Virginia native now living in Delaware, Dianna has a Visual Communication and a Instructional Technology and works as an Education Consultant. Dianaa loves to create romantic stories with a touch of humor and a web of mystery around them.
GENRE – Romance ,suspense,mystery

An attractive single woman Dana Canfield ,who has just moved to her new assignment of renovating Providence Island’s charming seaside Main Street district to pursue her career and flee from a tormenting past, almost gets crushed by a wayward truck.
She is saved just in time by Nick Warden, the hot Ex-army Garage Owner who has already lost his heart to the dashing Dana at first sight. Soon a series of incidents happen that make Dana and Nick suspect that Dana’s husband was not killed but murdered and Dana could be the next victim.Nick also comes to know that Dana may not really be who she claims to be.

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There is also Dana’s employer, the hot and young Rys McCall who adores Dana but Rys’ Father Eric McCall hates Dana and wants her out of the project at any cost.

Can Nick live happily ever after with Dana?

Why does Eric McCall hate Danna ?

What is Dana’s secret?

You will need to read this book to get the answers !

This book has the right mix of suspense and romance to keep you glued and turning pages (in my case swiping pages).

The language is easy and the plot is tightly built but to my disappointment, this book just builds up the plot and the suspense but the mystery will be gradually unraveled in the upcoming parts of the Providence Island Series.

FINAL VERDICT – I loved the way the suspense builds up and unravels, the romance is typical hot man meets hot woman and sparks fly type but likeable. It is a readable book to curl up with on windy nights. I rate it a 3.5/5 .

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