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  • June 2015 FabBag contents

    Hi Lovely Ladies ! Its time to review the June 2015 FabBag for all of you .I received it a little late this time so I haven’t really tried the contents long enough to give you a review or feedback but I shall share the contents nevertheless . The theme for this month’s fabbag was […]

  • May 2015 FabBag Contents and mini reviews

    Hi Beauties ! The FabBag was again delayed this month  so I am a little late for reviewing it for you girls . I have also been facing  a lot of  issues with the delivery of some of the products on offer that I had ordered from their website .I guess I am going to […]

  • April 2015 FabBag Review

    Hi Friends ! First of all I am going to thank FabBag crew for sending our FabBags earlier as now we have the whole month to try out the products and write a review in the same month .Thank you ,Guys! The contents of April 2015 FabBag (FabBag is Zebra striped in the background)   […]

  • The March 2015 FabBag and mini reviews

    Every month I used to crib that I receive my FabBag at the end of the month ,but was pleasantly surprised when I received the “The Date Night FabBag ” before Valentine’s Day .This month too I received my March FabBag before the 15th of the month .I hope this precedent continues in future too. […]

  • February 2015 ” DATE NIGHT ” FabBag

    Yes , I know it is a bit too early for  FabBag even I was pleasantly surprised .The crew has sent the FabBag earlier than usual in order to be just in time for Valentine day .Isn’t that sweet ? So coming to Valentine special edition FabBag , this is the preview for you ,I […]

  • The January 2015 FabBag

    Hi beautiful ladies!  I am back here to share with you the contents of my January 2015 FabBag .but first a few words about the basic concept of FabBag -you pay Rs 599 p.m. ( Rs 499/-p.m for  quarterly, Rs 449/-p.m.  for semi-annual and Rs 399/-p.m. for annual subscriptions) and then wait for your cute […]