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  • Welcome back – Mowgli and his Friends !

                        The other day, I was spending quality time with my kids ( which generally means watching cartoons wth my five years old ) when a familiar tune grabbed my attention . I  looked at the T.V. and saw “ The Jungle Book ” Movie commercial streaming […]

  • Crash The Pepsi IPL – Finalist – Vote for the Winner

    Hi Friends ! Pespi IPL fever is on and I am loving the ads submitted by viewers for the #CrashThePespiIPL challenge .In have already shared with you in my previous posts about Some unbelievable stories where I shared some Indian ads that are too far fetched to believe or what would happen in real life if […]

  • Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

    Going through the #CrashThePepsiIPl  ads I was hugely entertertained by some of them , while some of them  tried hard but still fell flat and some started of with lot of promise but ended up being a miss(as in far off the mark  rather than a nubile, young girl ) instead of being a hit.  […]

  • Advertising as harbingers of social change- a small selection of my favourite ads

    In my last post I talked about some advertisements that just don’t make sense and make us laugh if we took them literally.Advertising is all about creating a brand image or create the need for a product in the market .Why can’t tht producct be a socil message or a scial change ?Some advertisements have […]