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  • Gender Equality at Home

    Let me today share a small incident from my life .My domestic help left for the summer vacations to her native village .Generally I make do on my own when she is away as I am very finicky about how my work is done. As my bad luck would have it , one day while […]

  • Self Reliance -The Road to Freedom and Respect

                            The wonderful  video above depicts the heart warming story of a dad who has a physically challenged  daughter.The doting dad gets a very expensive titanium limb for his daughter so that she can pursue her love for dancing but he does not help her […]

  • Sickness teaches us the value of good Health

    My son ,Amogh is the apple of my eye  and not just mine but the whole household from his Grandfather , grandmother to his uncles and cousins .Maybe because we had him seven years after his elder sister was born .He has been a much awaited addition to our family.The moment he wakes he takes […]

  • Exploring the endless possibilities of the “AND ” inside

    I remember when as a child ,our elders would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up .I would say I wanted to be a doctor and my sister would answer that she wanted to be a “Mommy”(mother).This response would often elicit rounds of laughter and giggling from the elders . Thinking […]


    The alarm screeched loudly at his bedside ,Sarthak extended one arm to press the alarm button off , but he could not sleep anymore and woke up .His eyes were red , his hair was in disarray just like his clothes and he had not shaved for days  . Today was ,what could have been […]

  • Truth , a bitter Pill — difficult to take but it HEALS you

             Young age is a funny age .You are carefree and give no heed to what others tell you to do.You want to take risks and see what happens then.         So it happened when I was young , just out of school .I had been a bright and […]