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  • Charming Silk Sarees for the Blushing Indian Bride

    An Indian bride’s wedding day is that one day, wherein she looks forward to displaying the perfect vision of charming grace, refined elegance and glowing beauty via her attire, clothing accessories and makeup! Towards this end, she will go for a pure silk saree as her traditional outfit. Here are some of the most popular […]

  • Miniso Lifebloom Perfume EDT – A Pocket Friendly Fragrance

    MINISO – MINISO is a designer brand based in Japan.It was co-founded by the dynamic duo of a  Japanese designer Miyake Junya and a young Chinese Entrepreneur Ye Guofu.                                                        […]

  • Five Amazing Blouse Designs For Your Wardrobe

    The Sari is a versatile piece of clothing .It just does not serve the function of covering up or give warmth and protection just like any other garment .It is a statement too. It can conceal, reveal, invoke respect or provoke desire, depending upon how you wish to drape it. But the blouse is the […]

  • Five Must have Shoes Every Woman must Possess

                                                The market today is full of mind boggling variety of footwear ranging from the most high end ones that will put you back by half a million to the more affordable shoes for […]

  • Fragrance Review – Cacharel Amor Amor

    I was introduced to this brand very early in my childhood when my Mom wore Cacharel Anais Anais – the classic floral perfume from this French House .So I already have an emotional connect with Cacharel .                                      […]

  • Fragrance Review – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

    Come summers and all you want to do is smell good and feel fresh specially so in our tropical climate where it gets so hot and sweaty .After my last fragrance review of Dior Hypnotic Poison , I am back with another review today – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming .           […]

  • Fragrance review – Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP

    I shall be reviewing a fragrance that has been creating ripples for long and yet I had been avoiding it because the name Poison somehow suggested that this could be  too strong a fragrance for my liking .But when a close friend strongly recommended it ,I thought of giving it a second thought .   […]

  • Rock N Shop – EOSS 2017

    It’s a four letter word that we ladies just love too much .It sets the pulse racing with anticipation .You guessed it right … it is “S-A-L-E “! End of season sales  (EOSS) are the time we all wait for with baited breath all the year round ,a time to stock up on wardrobe staples […]

  • Welcome Spring – Summer 2016 – Outfit of the Day Post

    With Summer in full bloom in my city ,I wanted to get myself  a new summery Kurta ,something that looks cool and keeps me cool too ! With the weather being too hot to venture out and the new Odd-Even restrictions on private vehicles in force, it made sense to shop online in the comfort […]

  • Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

    I have oily skin and was able to skip moisturisers in summers till a few years back ,but due to certain anti-acne regimen and probably advancing years ,I have noticed that the skin looks patchy and dry in some areas now after washing and so I started using moisturisers in the last few years . […]