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  • Kintsugi – A Novel by Anukrti Upadhyay

                                                   Genre –  Fiction  Price – The hardcover  of this novel is priced at  Rs 310/-  and  Kindle Edition at Rs 294.50 About the Author Anukrti Upadhyay  is a law graduate and holds […]

  • Silver Hair Sins – Book Review

                                                                  Price – Rs 249/- for Paperback , Kindle Edition is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers  Pages – 166 pages  Genre  – Science fiction, Suspense,Thriller  […]

  • Book Review – Lovin’ a Hero

    Price  – Rs 166/- for paperback , Buy it here  Genre – Romantic FictionAbout the Author  –  The author has been blogging at “The Scented Words ” and this is her second book,the first one being ‘ The Mirage of Love ‘ . What I liked about the Book  The book tells  the story of […]

  • Book Review – The Return of Damayanti

    This Book is the second book in the Detective series by Nisha Singh, featuring our own home grown sleuth Bhrigu Mahesh , an ex-police inspector and his friend Sutte , a writer . The book starts with a rather innocuous but interesting case of a retired head clerk Nataraj Bhakti ,whose wife Damayanti seems to […]

  • Book Review – Six Degrees : Game of Blogs

    Source  Price — Rs.349/- Pages — 421 About the Author/s – Never before has this section been more interesting than today ,because this is a story within itself .BlogAdda held a challenge – The Game of Blogs,where bloggers were grouped into thirty teams comprising of 10 bloggers each. They were then given five characters and they had […]

  • When Love Goes Down the Drain…

                                                  Today was a special day for Nida .It was her third wedding anniversary.She and Rizwan had made special plans for tonight .They had a toddler at home but her best friend Nita […]